Fight The ETN Dump Club Round 3!


He’s got a life of knowledge to drop on people, listen to the bits that make sense! X


What do you think about John McAfee M-Kid… :sunglasses::+1:


his breakfast pre and post video was sniffing stuff and drinking whiskey. nothing makes sense! :slight_smile:



Anybody that is pro crypto is a big in my book! Don’t get me wrong the guy is bat $hit crazy but I like him!


it seems like a lot of people are panicking and messing up LOL :roll_eyes:


Well can you judge somebody’s ideas from their life choices? Be open to knowledge, I guess I just like him and you don’t. I’m up at 5:30 ready for work so wouldn’t know how the other half live!!


Welcome to the world of crypto! lol


I’m with you dude, but if you zoom out is he crazy!?


When the last panicker has finished panicking we can start getting somewhere again. So panic away and get the panic over with panickers.


I think it is time for some humor in this thread. As a fat old biker who moved to a rural area a few years ago I started wearing overalls. Not having a belt did wonders for my leg circulation so apart from fashion it is a victory. I have 3 antiminer X3 asics that currently are running in my laundry room on the same outlet that runs the dryer. This means I can’t mine at the same time I run the dryer. So what I did today was to hang a pair of overalls in the path of the asic exhaust. It took only a bit over an hour to dry em. How hillbilly is that?


Also Keep buying etn while they are so cheap. You won’t regret it.


I hope not… :thinking:


If you can find a way to use the heat they generate to make Shine then you’re all the way there!


Not concentrated enough for that. Heat this time of year is a perk for me. It is snowing a little outside right now.
While electric heat is no way cost effective compared to gas heat for me, I am not running it to heat the house, it just helps a bit.


bought some BTC again today :heart:


Hello all you brilliant people! I’ve been so busy lately that I’m nearly 800 posts behind on this thread. Normally I would push through but that’s just too much! Have I missed much? I know @Pahini got awarded the Golden Squirrel. Well done Pahini and much deserved!


My mate Daz uses a heat exchanger to heat the top half of his house!!


Hi cosmic, welcome back!

And thank you everyone so much for the lovely Birthday wishes!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::butterfly::bouquet::icecream::whale::whale2::dolphin::fish::tropical_fish::shark:


I had a well deserved day off yesterday. Went out on my brothers’ new boat. Beautiful weather, perfect trip-

Until we got stranded near the beach and the boat wouldn’t restart-

And surround by pretty little deadly jellyfish, gotta love Australia!

I reminded my brother he should have bought ETN, instead of the boat :joy::joy::joy:

On another note, I’m doing my Christmas shopping through businesses that accept ETN, just to support our eco system. I’m buying my brother one of those waterproof wallets, a suitable present I think!