Fight The ETN Dump Club Round 3!


Don’t forget to vote guys. I am surprised how fast the gap closed.
It is currently 48% ETN | 52% DGB


i feel a little ill, but i just achieved my unofficial goal. filled up on this dip…


I love John McAfee!!


That Liquid volume thing is happening again.


lol the guy is a mess, i remember when vice tried to f&ck him by giving out his location when he was on the run for murder, then a wealthy friend bailed him out to get him back to USA… :slight_smile:


I’m transferring some small amount of money from my bank acc to the Liquid, to try out the fiat pairing in there. Hopefully it will come in the following days.


did anyone ever figure out the high volume that happened there?


wat?? really haven’t looked there for a long time… im gunna open up a tab now…


looks low, compared to the millions we saw…


I was looking at the ETN/QASH which is usually next to nothing. In the big volume spike we had before it was all QASH and ETH.

Maybe nothing, we’ll see if it does it some more.


Go and setup an account if you do it before you set up an account they use your drivers license number as your ID. I have bought up to $2500 at a time from them I think that is the daily limit.


That was a documentary and was it true so you believe the mass media!? I like his choice of Freedom!!


I was going to create an account today, but when I go to the https version of I get a msg in my browser that the sites not secure. So not sure what’s up with that, why their security certificate wouldn’t be strong enough or valid.

Your connection is not secure

The owner of has configured their website improperly. To protect your information from being stolen, Firefox has not connected to this website.

I don’t get that msg if I just go to with


well it was a long time ago now, and vice was still a little more raw. and less mass media. :slight_smile:


Oh wait, I was using search results on google on a link that that looked totally legit, exact same url.

But get this when I look at advanced section of browser security warning uses an invalid security certificate. The certificate is only valid for the following names: *, prod.iad2.secureserver.(~)net Error code: SSL_ERROR_BAD_CERT_DOMAIN

Note: I put the (~) in front of net so that people wouldn’t click that url in my reply.

if I type in and go direct, there is no isssue in either http or https version.

So either that google ad is a spoof, or it’s just a badly configured redirect service.


When people start talking about Liquid exchange that is my que to wish everyone a good night and catch you later, M-kid does not need another Ban! Lol :joy: Talk you tomorrow!


@M-Kid RE: new theories for fight the dump club. round 4.0 (etn=bbc)

rule 1, Don’t talk about fight the dump club token buy back coin.
rule 2, Reduce the payout rate / difficulty for asic miners on the network.
rule 3, Make new cpu blockchain with an ent taken from exchange as pow.
rule 4, Buy back bbc coin to redistribute between those taking etn off exchange.
rule 5, PROFIT.


BBC stands for two different things to me and neither of them are to do with crypto, so you’ll have to enlighten me.


just thinking aloud, and it was the acronym of the idea ‘buy back coin’ nothing more. :slight_smile:


I’ve been rather busy slacking and not maintaining my ETN worldwide YouTubers thread. I will populate it better the weekend. In the meantime if anyone could throw any of their own videos or others on there to add a bit of weight that would be great. Just got in from work at 22:00, need to eat and sleep. Cheers!