Fight The ETN Dump Club Round 3!


I agree you are able to point out the obvious. But I guess some may need that. People can’t be nieve in crypto


Well you only joined 6 hours ago and strangely homed in straight to this thread, so I might help you out and say there are tons of other threads here without M-Kid in them that you might like better.


Good advice that all should follow. No idea about why you are telling me as i havent spent any fiat since the ICO. But thanks for the sound advice… if i decide to invest any more in future.


Everyone is entitled to their opinion Pete Thank you.


I have used them about 20 times over the past year and participated in the ICO to expand world wide the tokens help pay the fees. This is the first time I have not received them right away. It is much faster than Coinbase.



When did I say he wasn’t?
New member, not posted in any other threads, and only bought at ICO so why such interest in fighting the dump thread.


That’s cool. I think the fees are probably within reason or Tanwax would probably just use coinbase. He doesn’t seem like a financial mental midget.


So much negativity in here. Btc and Etn go down everyone gets irritable. Meanwhile I’m over here buying more Etn like:


I have no idea of his intention… But yours was very clear in that last message.

Everyone is entitled to voice their constructive opinions and concerns. If any posts break forums rules they will be dealt with by admins, feel free to report if you feel they have.

Thank you.


Sometimes the best thing to do is to just not respond.


mobile miners are now at 132,924 it’s 1:18pm here and the last time I wrote it down at 11:28am there were 132,473
I wonder what it is and where it is these mobile miners are coming from? Brazil? Joytel trial? South Africa? It could be anything but this is a change from before it seems to me. This morning sometime I was showing only 130k
Mass adoption FTW? We don’t know where and what is causing it.


What was my intention then? You seem to know it more than I do! You think I’m telling another member to F off from this thread? I wouldn’t have the nerve myself to join a forum and the first thing I do is to accuse another poster of lying.


You really need to stop your crap buddy! Last I checked this forum wasn’t about attacking people and calling them liars! Take it elsewhere!


You can share your opinions but can you do so in a non toxic manor we are all people here and we all can say what we want to an extent. People should not trust anyone in crypto that’s like rule #1 and especially have it influence their personal investment. I continue to invest because I see it as an opportunity myself not because someone told me to? I was here way before this forum.


I don’t think we can say “Take it elsewhere”.


All I want to do is buy ETN All up and down the boulevard.
All I want to do is have some fun.


Just to be fair there is some unaccounted for hash power on the network and it isn’t F2pool.
Take a look at the difference of the 2 upper right figures here. 2.38 and 3.55


This could be huge. I think the etn team @BegaMutex @ETNCEO @Egg @Rachel should get in touch with these people. An exchange linked to bittrex


Nice, I figured it was something like that. I heard it was usually pretty fast. Plus it’s probably just kind of fun and convenient to use them at times. I will use one when I’m able to throw some more money into crypto just to check it out.