Fight The ETN Dump Club Round 3!


I told you guys yesterday that I will buy more I am glad my BTC got held up as I will get more ETN now.


My BTC will be available tomorrow from Coinbase - it will be fun


Good is that we have more youtubers in different languages… We need Spanish, Chinese, hindi, German etc…
And we need at least one time per week make a video about progress - cover articles and top tweets :slight_smile:


I’m not sure who you’re saying is being manipulated by him ? like I said earlier it doesn’t matter what he says if he does or doesn’t. He doesn’t have to prove anything. I’m just here to support Electroneum. Just like most of there people in this community we are here to support Electroneum and collect what we can regardless current price.
There are always some people always influenced by other people there is no way to assist them as they need to make their own decisions. We are all here as investors and as a community.


Heh, now you really love those Coinme atms


Yeah Im a whale too and I like his colorful way.
I do my own thing as should everyone else when it comes to money.
Thats just my two squirrels worth.


What are the transaction fees worth on those things?




F2pool is that you? :wink: :eyes:


Indeed, good points, as much as im sure i will be painted as the bad guy here, I want the best for ETN. I own a fair bit and will continue to hodl. But im also not the kind of person that sits back and says nothing. Ive alreayd had PMs frojm multiple people agreeing with me so i know im not alone in this opinion.

Whether people like it or not, i suspect anyone who has read this will be watching slightly more closely and is less likely to get influenced into buying or selling to benefit people like m-kid.


You’d have to ask tanwax, I haven’t used one yet, I use coinbase usually.

I just noticed one in my mall recently, guess they are popping up all around WA state.

They are based in Seattle.



Does it matter? There will always be traders in the market.
People do seem to give likes for almost everything M-Kid says even if it’s nothing much of note, that’s up to them.


You can’t start pointing fingers within our community based on your judgement? There are holders there are traders people are here for profit. People should only believe themselves based off their knowledge. You can’t take someone else’s word? Everything is based off ones own decision you can’t follow someone else or you will miss out. I believe most are here for there right reasons and there are many new immature people in crypto seeking instant profit and are now upset and their emotions guide their thoughts instead of facts or what Electroneum is achieving. We are all here to accumulate as much as possible while we still have the chance.


Well, thank you for coming to protect us then.


You may be OK with manipulation and this forum being used as a private pump and dump…I am not.


Thats great.Thanks.
Anything for attention and ease of access.
Theres a few popping up here in Australia.
One in Tweed Heads two in Nimbin and one on the Gold coast.
Theres more but Im not up to date


Thats where you are mistaken, if i catch someone lying I am well within my rights, infact i have a duty, to raise it for others to make their own mind up. You may not agree with me… thats fine and your right as its your opinion.


Hardly. My advice to you is to not overextend yourself financially and blame others for it. The entire market is down.


Morning all - well forum has been busy. Usually busy when price goes up or price goes down :wink: lol Nice to see people in the ETN Fight Club taking the opportunity to buy more ETN at these <200sat prices. More for the buck. More to HODL away. :slight_smile: