Fight The ETN Dump Club Round 3!


I noticed it doesn’t default back to that exact same number like it has done the last few weeks, so something’s changed. Hope it’s real users and not people cheating the system again.


0.00000100 6,063,472.06 6.06347206


What’s really scary is the buy order for 100 @ .00000077 lol


or 130.32 @0.000000061


12 minutes went by and my phone shows it went from 132,473 to 132,542
and electroneum101 on youtube said something about the trial beginning. Don’t have time to watch the video, working right now.


132.560 now hopefully something is brewing, mining numbers is so accurate now the second i switch it off it showed 132559


that is a bit higher than normal, when price drops usually active miner does a bit… its good…


This thread is so entertaining this morning! Emotional volatility at an ALL TIME HIGH!!!

Hey @profit, remember when you objectively speculated on 180sat last week and a couple people lost their $hit??? Where are those haters now??? People DO need to take things with a grain of salt, as I am 100% sure that the ones kicking up a fuss now will be silenced in the days to come.


Just tried googling to see if there was anything formal about joytel and ETN but couldn’t see anything.

I did notice a few links to joytel hotels - I wonder if they are the same business and whether they’ll soon start accepting ETN too??


I buy in October for 280 heh. Impatient I am… Lesson learned :smiley:


It could be the Artis Turba announcement onboarded people from SA.
I wonder if they have a cricuit breaker? Like to fast an increase in miners and it blocks new people from mining. Seems it has stopped at 132,573


Just saw this on a other thread…

Continuing the discussion from Electroneum will go live in Artis Turba Exchange:

Should be live tomorrow


thats the only video out, few minutes ago its in french


I didn’t speculate - that was obvious -We traded flat for 11 days and no news to support the price.
The truth is that we need fresh money pouring into ETN, they will come eventually after the good news release. I don’t want to miss that price and I continue to buy anytime I can.
NO FINANCIAL ADVICE - For me price less than 250 satoshi is a great bargain with x3 return possible till NYE


I totally agree with it to stop the dumpers.


The stock market crashed yesterday so hopefully some will invest in crypto! :sunglasses::+1:


Ain’t that the truth… lol

I did see some validity to that 180sat claim back then so I’ve been waiting patiently for this moment. Thanks for the extra profit @profit :money_mouth_face:


Spending MY MONEY is based on my research. I invested 6 figures in ETN since the ICO and with tomorrow purchase I’ll hit my goal of xx,000,000 ETN.
If the price go to 0 - I will lost everything,but if I’m right with my prediction for the next 6 months - I’ll have a really nice life to enjoy


Actually to be precise its 79 X3s if he can get ~300/ASIC. My point is, he is lying. No pool has those payments and there is no unaccounted hash power.

Now I wouldn’t mind if it was just him shilling to manipulate the community to help maintain morale and price……. but he also does shrouded FUD which conveniently happens just in waves during times of movement. Recognise this? “Me and my whales are loving these cheap coins, I bet it will drop to 150sats but we can’t get enough of them”……. It’s so obvious it’s almost embarrassing.

My guess would be he trades each day, using this group like his own personal pump & dump to influence it up and down for his flips….and everyone laps it up like some kind of high school crush.

Im getting the exact response I expected from the group, fanboys defending him blindly …….and for him to dodge the issue and fail to prove anything when it’s extremely easy…… if i had to put money on it i would say he will come back with somehting in 1-3 days once he has had enough time to fake something… just like those mining screenshots he posted today.

There are plenty of people who will have been thinking what im saying… but who were to afraid to say anything “just in case”. People need to stop letting themselves get manipulated, and stop feeding the ego of some random.


I hear ya. I have about $30k invested in ETN. It won’t break me if it goes to zero but it would definitely hurt. Regardless my break even price is just over a penny and the chance of us never meeting or exceeding that price is less than 1% in my opinion.

I figure even if ETN never goes above $0.10 cents ever that’s still 10x profit.