Fight The ETN Dump Club Round 3!


You obviously have a very limited understanding of the ETN model and the plans for the unbanked being introduced to ETN via the mobile phone parnters…and how that will come to pass.

Your brilliant plan eliminates the incentive for mobile operators to partner up with ETN and market ETN to their existing and future customers as an accepted form of payment towards their phone service plans.

So your plan is to use ICO money for marketing ETN to the mobile phone users in the western World and developed countries with already existing multiple forms of digital payment systems and try to compete directly with all of them?

Really that’s your plan if you were in charge of ETN?

Just so I have this straight…you would choose not to offer incentives to mobile phone operators who have customers in the areas that have the greatest need for a digital payment system?

The areas ETN has identified as the best target market to introduce ETN into the marketplace via mobile phone partners shouldn’t be given a sample that can be used towards the very service that connects them to the digital world?

That’s your plan, to ignore the markets most likely to adapt ETN as a digital payment option?

You do know that a little over 8 billion coins were pre-mined to give these new early adopters a sample and to pay out to mobile phone partners for creating that new ETN customer…right?


I’m not influenced by what he does I’m here for the team because I believe in the project . I’m glad he is with us as he sees the project the same as i . Those are pretty strong accusations


No hate, no jealousy, I just expose facts, but hey, feel free to post pics of your ASICs farm, refresh your so called 100s of millions of ETN offline wallet.

Anyone with a little common sense would not give some real life indications like you did with pics from Florida like you did, giving details like your RV and stuff like that.


Buying more. Fighting off the bears.



Pretty strong, yes, take time to verify what I said and you’ll see, his stories are super weak, feel free to check the mining pools (with enough hash power) payments, none of them have amounts like he showed in his screenshot a few posts above.


We all support the project in this thread and enjoy the discussion that’s the main thing, as for what half the people on the internet say about themselves, I don’t blindly believe anything.

No manipulation here, I buy what and whenever I want. Most people here are smart enough to do the same, the rest can go and join Naga’s 144k if they are that dim.


FYI. @robward joined the community 2 hours ago. We can tell what his intention is. LOL


Noticed the same thing


First off he has 50 Asics running not 100 so your “facts” aren’t even right


I think if people new how many coins I held, it would the mother of all FUD, people who post, things like M-Kid is going to dump his coins, it will never rise because whales hold all the coins, or 10 million request from people asking for hand outs. Also there is a written record of everything in all the dump club posts that spell things out pretty clear, and never have I ever told anyone to follow me or do what I do. People need to make up their own mind and last I check posting wallet balances is not something required to be here. lol


Bottom line is we should be all on the same team and we all want ETN to succeed. People can love me, hate me, believe me or call me a liar. I really don’t care, and what is really import is that everyone does their part to support ETN and attacking people in the community is not helping ETN in anyway.


Don’t care. Point is the more individuals running ASICs the better. If M-Kid’s one of them fine, if he’s really sitting in his basement asking “when is muh 10 ETN from mobie miner” then that’s fine too and I hope he spends them wisely. I could check out “the facts” like you suggest but have better things to do, sorry.


at these prices i just decided to buy more, when looking at payout rate on n70’s.


Something happen in some people the closer we get to $.005 in price. The forum is so salty today! lol


I was able to snag 500 Baikal Giant N+ 40 kh/s asic miner from a mining farm out of Washington State that went under when the power company cut their power off due to crypto mining for less than $50usd each. We shall see how they do.


That’s what I was just thinking! I will be glad to take their shaky hands I’ll hold them safe! We are all here together to support Electroneum there’s no need for someone to judge you. There are many supporters in here and we are all here for the same reason. People need to leave their emotions at the door.


I agree and this point the lower the price just means more coins for us holders. The team is busy doing what they need to do and we just need to keep buying the dip. It is not like other cyptos are doing great and we are not, the whole damn market is crashing. Things will change for us one of these days and when it does the better it will be for us.


Did the Joytel trial start? Because just a few hours ago my phone showed 130k mobile miners and now it’s showing 132.4k mobile miners.


those are almost negative return now, if paying for electric. solar helps. :wink:


Haven’t heard anything yet! Some speculation Anticipating “Friday news” ? :eyes: