Fight The ETN Dump Club Round 3!


Mobile miner is a huge part of the “triangle”, the other two essential “corners” being MVNOs and vendor app. Amazed that people still don’t get this after a whole year.


What are you referring to ?


If we win, we might get song about ETN;) now this would be a nice reward :slight_smile:


I posted this in the TA thread, but it’s worth mentioning here due to significance. Not only are we severely oversold on the 4 hour, but we are now oversold on the daily. Not only that, the stoch RSI is at 0 on the blue band and 7 on the red. I have never actually seen that before on a non-dead coin. If this isn’t prime opportunity to buy, I don’t know what is (not financial advice).


And bonus he have over 100k of followers so good marketing


Yes, I just hate if anyone says this vote is useless…Its not! it brings more attention!


Tomorrow we need to put into pinted message at telegram plus add to ETN noticeboard and there is too another group at telegram…


Yes, please use all your force! I sadly dont have this opportunity… But you are helping ETN a lot! :slight_smile:
Great work :wink:


thoughts on this post?


yes! I posted in a big etn fb group and pasted the link on 6 recent etn youtube videos. We should be able to sweep this


Although I think ETN is on a good waynight, in order to reach mass adoption, the middle ma must be scipped. Loads of very valid points in the articleus. Paying is comforta. Going to an exchange first, waiting to have orders filled and then use those coins…too complicated


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My thoughts are it’s another opinion from a random person on the internet. Opinions are like a-holes, everyone has one and they all stink.

The best part of that post is the statement on how long it will take a project to go up in price. Either the poster has inside knowledge of what is going on in the background, or he/she is purely guessing without any basis what so ever. I’ll let you decide which is more likely.

For me, I’m simply trusting that the team knows what they are doing and will ride the ship whether it evolves into a rocket blasting off to the moon, or turns into a wooden boat that sinks to the bottom of the ocean. Everything in between is just human emotional BS that has no relevance in the actual project.


I fully agree with you.

It also does not deny to think that asics is a major problem as well


You have quite a way with words there!
Enjoying your charting and analytics on the T/A Society Topic as always.


OK I found some $$ to buy more etn. Question is whats it going to do? Is it going to fall more or are we at the bottom for now. Buy today or find it lower tomorrow. Hmmmmmm🤔


oh common, do i have to spell it out? you guys don’t honestly believe half the stuff in here do you? For example, @M-Kid post above about mining last month…there are no pools with those payments and the network hash matches reported amount… so its not private pool. So where are the 100 X3’s hes saying he has?

Or a few weeks back when he tried to manipulate everyone by saying the price would go up 30-40sats when the price was 310. You think someone with the amount he says he has wouldn’t know about the 30million sell wall at 320 on cryptopia?

You genuinely think someone with access to millions of $ of ETN would be openly chatting about it on the forum and making themselves a target IRL?

Don’t be naive people…and stop idolising some random attention seeker. Concentrate on the project and all the amazing things it has coming instead of being manipulated by people via pump and dump threads for people like him.

Of course, i could be wrong and he could post a video of a paper wallet refreshing against live with 200million coins or whatever… but i somehow get the feeling that isnt going to happen.

As an investor i love the enthusiasm in the community, and we certainly should work on fighting deliberate FUD…. But not via threads where clever people are using you all to trade or influence price how they want…and the worrying thing is some of you dont even realise.


Sub ICO price again boys! I feel like we have been hear before? lol Time to aggressively start collecting ETN by the bags full once again! 550,000 ETN for 1 btc or $3600 bucks seem like it should illegal because it so cheap! lol


Well, it’s not how I remember things.


I do sense a little jealousy and some hate! Wonder where it is coming from? lol I think someone purchase a lot at 320 sats and now is not to happy. :frowning: Note to self: if at all possible to manipulate the market, make sure to manipulate in an upward direction! hehehehe lol :wink: