Fight The ETN Dump Club Round 3!


I dont use twitter​:grimacing::see_no_evil:


I don’t use it either but I just so happened to notice CeeGee commented when I went on to vote


Target audience is where people earn $2 for a 13 hour shift cause they don’t get paid their lunch and 12 a day is what they work 7 days a week… talk to some of these people!


That is not where big price movements will come from tho. The big money that will move the price is here


The target is stands for massive use, then we come along with the bucks… massive means spread, poor or not so poor.
If massive, poor will be not so poor, out from their standing point anyway.
A damn beer dont cost 5$ there, as here.


Was a student time for me also, that didnt hold more than days with only 2$ bucks, :joy::smile:… thats hard with cost level here…


I don’t think it will make any difference one way or another, yes Electroneum Ltd is British but is not exposed in the sense of having its shares listed on the UK stock market, nor does it rely on imports/exports of goods or services from Europe or elsewhere.
Most people in the UK will not get into crypto in the bad times (unless things were really, really Venezuela type of bad). They will just suffer and blame the government for messing things up.
Success or failure I think will come from the places where it is used, where it provides solutions that people don’t have already. Even if they are small users/investors the cumulative total is huge compared to what miners can produce or big investors can buy. Even then, in a real world use case, price can still drop big time like Dash. I honestly don’t care what the price is now, in 5 years time if it’s still 200 sats, THEN I’ll be pissed.


I posted to 2 Facebook groups last night


Damn, we are closing up :blush::blush::blush:


Me during the crypto sell off.



Yes! Voted with my twitter accounts and shared in a large group- hopefully we can add some more votes to sway it in our direction :wink:


Very, very well illustrated :joy::+1:


You’re right, if we look longterm it shouldn’t matter…hopefully.


WHOA you guys… Just noticed…Both of Naga’s Videos have been removed! @M-Kid Small victory against a major scam.


The level of manipulation in this thread is very worrying. I find it astonishing that people let themselves be so easily influenced by people who are clearly not telling the truth.


Thanks! Every vote counts :slight_smile:


To me it seems cryptopia was attacked?


That’s something interesting


I feel the same way. Imo I see this as another buying opportunity ! When everyone fears that’s the time to buy. It could go down more and I will again see it as a great possible entering point. Personally what I have done is instead of making one big buy a week I’ve split it up and I am now able to put a orders in at multiple spots helping the walls when we dip. I have been collecting more this way and helping the buy wall when it’s needed most. It would be great to see if we hold a little more than btc as it falls. I’m bringing what I can to fight the dump! If it falls I will take advantage of that opportunity and if it rises I will know I took advantage of the opportunity. I have a plan if it continues to falls that is why I’m spread out in orders instead of one buy. Anyways just had to get that out there because there seems to be a different tone in here today. Everyone take a step back from the market and realize what they are accomplishing. Nothing happens overnight, they have many things going on right now we want them to prioritize them correctly not to our liking. Be assured they’re working diligently and this shake up in the market is no way a reflection of Electroneum. I only see this as a opportunity and I will be taking advantage of it all the way until the blood is over. Our time is coming and I need to make sure I’m ready, I’m off to the exchanges to get more precious etn. Imo no matter what price you got in at you have not overpaid just don’t sell yet our time is coming. :zap::zap::zap:(NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE DO NOT OVEREXTEND YOURSELF!)


Done. Retweeted again