Fight The ETN Dump Club Round 3!

I guess everyone was just waiting (and still are) on iOS release so beta release announcement is one step closer to that which creates the anticipation. Once the iOS full release happens then it’s open for beta trials with the MVNO’s and that’s when everything starts to happen. As much as I say vendor adoption is the key, it’s going to be a lot easier getting a vendor on board when there are millions of mobile miners and MVNO’s advertising it.

Daily graph and 7 day graph is looking good even though it’s just fractions of a penny, it’s something.

The empty block reward is currently 8798


No matter how much we push it higher, it will go down in some time. reason is simple, it wont moon if there is no mass adoption and for that we might need telecos

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4.41anybody? Lol

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I ate 2.5 btc worth.
I was hungry.

Got a new mate in the game too.
Only small time but hes got the “Electroneum Grin”
happening already!!


Looks like a bot - 20s

Why would anyone try to arbitrage ETN? There are much better targets with higher profit margin and more volume, it doesn’t make any sense to me unless they are purposely trying to drive the price down.
Trade bots kind of suggest someone is selling on one exchange and buying on another.

Some of those trades are 1 second apart.

Bots on Kucoin have been doing this for months. People have been complaining to Kucoin about it, but they never raised the minimum transaction amount in order to prevent it.

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Im busy playing on Kucoin…Everytime someone sells I Buy 10 or 20 ETN at 206…LOL


Good job there :smiley: hope we breat this

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Morning cryptogeeks , hope every one is ok…

201 sats … holding steady


:sleeping: bucket of coffee…


@Pahini the :whale2::whale2::whale2::whale2:


Nice, we can hodl pretty good i guess. There were no pump dumps finally.
All the way up


@Tetelestai I’m pretty sure iOS app won’t run on iPad


I could see how that would be true with the current app, as they don’t want people mining on multiple devices. But with cloud mining, it doesn’t matter anymore. In my opinion, It actually would be beneficial to the project if people have access to the wallet features on multiple devices - phone, table, watch, toaster… It’s perfectly possible - but hey, still it might not happen right away.



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Getting closer , after Feb 25th MWC we could see a massive jump in users …

Hurry up February … Fomo fomo fomo fomo


Nope they are not allowed …

Only on mobile devices



17.1 The App provides access to our mobile mining function through which ETN may be periodically added to your pending balance whilst the app remains running on your mobile phone and connected to (“ Mobile Miner ”).

17.2 You must:

17.2.1 only use the Mobile Miner on mobile phones and not on any other device;…


Just had a read of the T&C’s. Seems you need to be 18 to hold an account. Once iOS was released, I was going to create another wallet for my littlest one on my old android phone for him to start mining but it seems I can’t do that :frowning:

I do wonder whether they’ll change the tablet policy with cloud mining as the hash rate won’t matter - everyone will get the same. We might even be able to renew the mining via the web wallet