Fight The ETN Dump Club Round 3!


So easily people forget.


Was back then obligatory to name a coin xxx-coin? :smiley:


Ha! I noticed the first project ever on CMC without the “coin” name was “Bitbar”.


hehe, nice btc price, where is all those other coins now, lol


Other than LiteCoin, probably in stuck crypto purgatory.


Worldcoin was my investment back then…it moved from 0.01usd to 0.70 usd …didnt sell cause i expected the magic one dolla…what a stupid move if i think about it now


Higher risks, higher awards. I don’t blame you. I would have done the same.


just the name gives me flashes of, scheeeeemeee :joy:


oh dear


crapland is off line… opps


Time to add some more ETN
170 sats is so cheap.
Order placed on Kucoin.
If filled, it will put me over my revised target.
And I’m already thinking about increasing My target. Jaysus, ETN is adictive.


New topic if you feel like a bit of realistic FoMo


That feeling when you are among the 5 red coin in a full green top 100 :ghost:


Heehee yeah.I’m addicted!
I crashed for a couple of hours earlier.(fell over)
I just put in the last 26 hours straight alongside many others in the Community that are advertising Electroneum and the Electroneum Community Forum -Globally.
I Built on this Platform Five New Topics and gained followers with yet another million of reach.
Some of my followers are Venture Capitalists.
NewsReporters Crypto Reporters.Exchanges software IOT at AI Developers and Marketers.

Going to be a quiet month but we are going to be
Ready for a very busy February.
By the time February comes around Ill be happy knowing that Ive done my bit to accelerate the adoption process.
What an awesome community this is.
Red or Green
“The Electroneum Grin”
Happy buying folks !!


HODL Don’t be like this or you may leap from a tall building in a single bound …not like superman06 .


Settling in for a long wait to mass adoption. Unless huge news pops. Unless huge use case starts using. Just bought a bit more…not nearly as much as I want. But 169 SATs…bought the dip. :wink::sunglasses::heart_eyes:


I do a little trading of etn on kucoin - I like the charts and interface.

If any of you are interested in Technical Analysis here are a few observations.

Kucoin on the 8 hour chart.

I see a double bottom - Dec 7th we wicked down to a low of 168sats and we are currently sitting on that level of support. If it breaks down from here the next level of support is around 150sats.

There is a slight bullish divergance on RSI from Dec 7th but this could change, but I feel that we are due for a bounce. Rsi is very low and it tends to bounce once it gets into the 20s we have also being sliding along the bottom bollinger band for a week.

Not expecting anything major but a bounce back to the 180 range would sit within some fib ranges.


What happened to the cryptopia website?


Welcome to the community forum :wave: there is a ta thread actually I’m sure they would appreciate your imput as you seem to know some ta :+1: if you have any questions there are many helpful community members here :zap:


It’s in unscheduled maintenance. We are waiting for update