Fight The ETN Dump Club Round 3!


I added my opinion of what should be added
20 squirrels


We talk about all these wonderful pairings.
The new means of access that are day by day becoming available Globally.
Crypto really is becoming increasingly popular as means of cross border exchange.
With the advent of new stablecoins on the market and subsequent adoption, its not hard to see the shift in the paradigm from traditional fiat currencies in the very near future…
Im very optomistic fo the Cryptosphere in general short term.
To see the CEO of Waves comment on the possibility of a stablecoin having a larger market cap than bitcoin isnt so much of a dream…
I know Electroneum will roll something out to leave the competition following in our footsteps.
Something Really Big.
Are You Ready?


Simethin realy big will hapen here. :chipmunk::chipmunk:


Most of us…a little generalized on the hope side of things…
Okay some of us are replying to the link provided earlier via email.
Note Bakkt parent company is “ICE”, they own the New York Stock Exchange. Purshased in 2013 for US $8.2 Billion
They are going to be pretty innundated !! Esp by our crew!!
To find out any aditional details Google search" ICE vs Bakkt. "For example.


Good to know Pahini :nerd_face::+1:


Why not just go straight to the" Giga Iceberg"…
Start petitionining I.C.E itself??
Im sure they’ll redirect the traffic to the approprate department/s
In any case its still more recognition .
The more we have our feet firmly planted in the minds of these Institutions, the faster adoption is going to take place.
The faster everyonse investment will grow in the not to distant future.


Future Under Development :slight_smile:


I read this and actually thought about drooling a little bit. I don’t think I have ever been as ready as I am now lol. What an amazing ride so far and we are just getting started!!!


You’re one step ahead Pahini! Another brilliant idea. Should we find them on Twitter also?


Ive been following Baaaaaaaakkt :ram::sheep::ram::ram:
For over eight months.
Ive just started addressing some of my largest followers.
Things could get very interesting.
Just a little thankyou for their support of Electroneum.
Right words to the right ears .
Just up on twitter now.


Two steps ahead it appears!


Maybe i’m wrong, bit i’ve read something in the forum said from him. Maybe someone can help in this


Tai Lopez is another one we could look at. Personal development guy. Has a huge following and is also into crypto :smiley:



Monero say total anonymicy is goal.
‘Shall be impossible to stop, and trace’
Not shure this is good for the so called private… tough, crypto gets alot airtime now
-the criminals favorite. :joy:.
And this little Anarchy nerd favourite is among top? LOL. Walkover for ETN


It will highlight the differences between the cryptos!


Exellent piece @B.F.A. It felt i was reading a story. A really emotional one. Good point and a nice idea. I hope @MSystem can make this come true. it would be nice to promote ETN in this way so everybody understands. I got in just after the ICO. I was to late for ICO but i tought that ETN was focussing at the gaming industry. That got my attention because that is a really big industry. So suddenly they changed there minds and there focus changed to another direction. i did not losse hope or faith and hold on to the project. I saw the changes and slowely i saw the direction they wanted to go. I hold on because i tought this was also a big upportunity with a big market and as a investor i did not give up on ETN even when they changed direction. And since that day the community grew so much and i feel we all are like a familly and this makes this community so strong. I am a father and my son is 5 years old. I hope my son will grow up in a world when crypto is THE payment system we use. I hope ETN will continue to grow and grow. I believe in ETN not only for gains. But would it not be beatifull to pass on ETN when i am gone and ETN was life changing for me and now it is for him. That would be awsome. Have a nice day guys.:chipmunk::chipmunk::chipmunk::chipmunk::heart::heart:


Another 130,000 etn bought, I can not complain …:wink:


Of the malware-associated wallets identified by the team, monero was 56 percent more represented than bitcoin, while zcash came in third place.


152 etn wallets found to be malware mining.

Hardware wallets hacked

Lol exactly what’s coming! Honestly though 225$ isn’t Naga-ish at all in fact when I said 3 digit value I think we’ll even pass this number in reality for all the reasons I’d stated previously. When you think in terms of using it as a daily currency for 50-100 million plus people using it for whatever service there is and buying things like a coffee, going to a restaurant, groceries, cars, homes etc that value needs numbers like that or even a bit more.

I don’t even see the $500 predictions some have come up with as unrealistic at all, in fact very possible. I don’t see thousands with it or anything, but high 3 digit for sure when I take all those factors into consideration if it’s the most widely used crypto. With a finite supply and monster demand value isn’t going to remain small or stagnant. Even if the time comes where they had to add a decimal too or even bump up the supply a little bit as needed, I think the value would remain significant.

Again just my thoughts on it, I see potential of this magnitude when I factor in everything in for ETN usage wise and with supply & demand.