Fight The ETN Dump Club Round 3!


If anyone has more fiat to crypto platforms they use that I could add to my list that would be great :+1:


Gift cards are coming. I wonder if they can make one that fits inside a plastic Easter egg? hmmm

I was thinking of putting some ETN on a paper wallet and editing it with inkscape to 50% size and remove the color to make it black and white and then cut it out and fold it up and put it inside a plastic Easter egg when Easter comes around and geocache it for someone to find.

edit: I just sent the poor guy in Venezuela begging for ETN on twitter 100 ETN


I just wish I understood what you just said …


geocache means you hide something underground for someone to find it and you post the GPS coordinates somewhere online so people can find it. Usually it’s a box and when you find it you take something out and leave something in its place and rebury it.


@J5Alive that’s one worth gathering the squirrel army for :zap::chipmunk::zap::chipmunk::zap::chipmunk:
Thanks for posting j5


All connected to ETN…i think this must be involved as big project in Barcelona… :wink:


You’re most welcome @Cosmicrypto, doing what I can. I think all of them will take notice of ETN soon. Also I suspect MWC is going to get a lot of attention as well especially being the 2nd time around.


When it rains it pours. I keep getting this feeling everything will unravel at once. Then we’ll see The biggest ETN storm, even bigger than we could have imagined! And we’re already buckled up :sunglasses::rocket:
The ground work has been done, everything’s just about ready to go. Electroneum will change the world in so many ways-


Well, you’ve seen how I feel about ETN and agreed. It’s going to get much bigger than most realize, there is going to be many people in shock and awe eventually here when it get’s to a certain point. I’ve got no doubt about it at all, I hold firm on my personal predictions you agreed with earlier in the thread.

We’re close to seeing an unstoppable force hit the crypto world, from what we’re hearing I think that begins at the MWC.


Time to be a walking, talking ETN billboard!

Edit: Quorra Merch


The state of Wyoming just passed 2 pro cryptocurrency laws.


People be like



Move the decimal two places to the left and they will still say that!!


It’s a bit Naga-ish but you get my point :wink:


Where is the community suport here.


You’re right. There must be another floating around somewhere, seems that a lot of the regular posters haven’t posted? Maybe still to come.


Some are posting in the latest tweet


Oh no big deal, I got a mention from Mc Afee himself haha

now John will be reminded for his love of electroneum when he sees my profile image :star_struck:


PS. SHOUT OUT to anyone living in Washington!? Go show John around town and fill his brain with etn’s accomplishments this year. What a cool opportunity!


I had my domestic currency in my credit card, PayPal converted it itself into €.


Will he follow through ?
“Pssssst… Hey McAfee, wana buy some ETN?”