Fight The ETN Dump Club Round 3!



I stopped watching after 0:24 seconds…Right after he says" ETN has no use case !"
If he had done ANY Research that statement would not of come out of his mouth…!!
For Me IMO , He’s just another Crypto you tuber Wannabe…!! Boring…Seen them before and will see them again…!!


This is what I wrote to Bakkt.


Please provide a copy and paste version. Thx!


Niiiice…! :chipmunk::chipmunk::chipmunk::chipmunk:




Hello busy team of Bakkt,

 To keep things short, Electroneum is a mobile-friendly, regulation embracing crypto-currency designed for mass adoption through helping the unbanked smartphone market. 

 It is an ADDITIVE currency, which by its very nature will benefit all parties invovled. Their hybrid system of a decentralized blockchain and centralized App is patent-pending becase it allows for instant crypto payments as well as being extremely acessible for all users. 

 To top it off, they have a ‘cloud-miner’ built in the App which acts as ‘helicopter money’. This is planned to go live in the first week of February. The cloud-miner rewards every smartphone user of the App $3 worth of ETN monthly for free, which is a genius form of marketing.


Have you guys heard about the new Ethereum scam coin (Ethereum Nowa) that has decided to use our beloved ticker ETN???

Can’t stop laughing about it :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Just read it…Amusing to say the least…:unamused::unamused:


A small devils mark. Could not wait till we break 6666 mark :smiley: when do you think we reach this till end of February?


How often are you adding the community forum link in your posts? Perhaps that would draw some users in?



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Yoti article from yesterday


Please say thanks to Crytrex on twitter for paying the listing fee to get us on coinpayments. If I am remembering correctly it was $10k
There are millions of vendors using coinpayments and all it takes is for enough of us to ask that vendor to add electroneum and it is very easy to do so since they already use coinpayments. We should all be doing this.
This is really a well spent $10k


Every person /business that follows me gets a personal message .

●"Thankyou for your support :heart: Electroneum Community Forum
Check us out @electroneum

I cant do the follow tricks, follow army thing.
For me its not necessary.
Just doing my own thing,

#6856 :+1:


I just checked the link for you.
It works good!


You’re doing great work man :+1:


I can tell you there are some extremely large influencers and investment /development organizations and individuals that are taking notice.
Thats not a “me” thing …Its the “Community” thing that has encouraged that following.
If you want to encourage numbers to the forum someone may have to pin the link to the main site.
Some sort of advertising required there @BegaMutex .?
Im just directing them to @electroneum because thats the place of business .


It’s been great watching everyone come together for the common good I’m thankful for everyone in this community :zap: