Fight The ETN Dump Club Round 3!


Absolutely, I’ll have to read this on lunch as my company blocks CD.


Yup. Just a casual first round funding of “$182.5 million”, Haha.


Well not necessarily and I say that because a company like that I think will do a thorough analysis of it’s potential. ETN by far stands out from the pack due to their direction right now. I think they would easily see where Electroneum is going if they look into it. Enough attention being brought I think they’d really consider it regardless, or perhaps prepare to list it once it makes enough progress to make them happy.

Just editing my post @Val , you pretty much said the same thing I did at the end. I do agree with you on ETN needing more traction first.


Not sure about that. Maybe they conaider potential at a later stage but not at $350k volume. I still think it’s important that they have knowledge of the project but I doubt they’ll add it if volume doesn’t go up … like a lot


is it only me thinking this ICO boom, and this mega bear market is the best we and a team ETN could get?

ICO boom was the best so the team could get funds to get the project trough and this bear market is the best for them to prepare whole project to get to reality…And we Long term investors benefit from this also…

And when BTC starts to gain traction we will have full product and will get so much more attention



Only reason I said not necessarily was just due to ETN’s direction, although you’re probably right about that. I think this year is going to be huge though, just a feeling ETN is going to grow a lot by the end of 2019. Also I am really really curious what the announcements are going to be at the MWC.


My most conservative prediction for ETN by end of 2019 is $0.25 and thats me trying reall hard to picture only a few deals going live.


Very much agree :ok_hand:
@J5Alive I really hipe it’s something so significant we won’t stop smiling for a week. I mean, if he announces something big three months in advance, the actual announcement better be fcn blowing us all away :joy::joy::rocket:


Good evening to you guys. I can see a nice green candle in 2 days and nice buy walls and no great sell walls. This might be a new starting point. So, i feel that in the end of january we can pass 200/210 easily and be balanced at that price. :chipmunk:


Don’t know. Ells say that will be 0.035 in q3. Hope you are right Kyle


Here is a email link where inquires should be sent to add ETN to Bakkt. Lets get it!!!


When did he say that Stefo? Just curious that’s all…I’m new here and didn’t know the big guy had made a price prediction. Cheers :+1:


Ells would never say anything related to price. What he does say is that their plans will come to fruition and all he did say was ask yourselves what happens to the price if milliins upon millions of people adopt ETN for everyday usage :wink:


Do you have a paypal account in euros or are you converting?

There’s a thing on Crytrex that says if you send another currency it might not get there OK, so was just wondering if paypal converts automatically… it SHOULD do, like when you buy something from say, a USA dealer on eBay it is completely seamless conversion from GBP, but in view of comment on Crytrex, I backed out of trying it.


Yeah, they wouldn’t want to be having an ICO right now, and I’ve bought tons that i wouldn’t otherwise have.


Sorry to say but Richard ells Has Never ever made a price prediction…!! He Has commented on the price once or twice though…


I dont remember he said that also…Dont know why would he…


That’s funny. On the yahoo article about China footage of their moon landing I commented, “say hi to Electroneum for me.”


But who remember Richard ever say he will focus on the price next year (in 2018) that means this year ?


I don’t understand people who go online and make comments even a video without doing proper research. And then goes on to tell us to do proper research. That guy is dense.