Fight The ETN Dump Club Round 3!


Just a quick FYI, last week I posted about not being able to use a US debit card on CB or Uphold anymore.


Uphold sent me an email saying the issue was on their end and they corrected it. Helped yesterday to “buy the dip.”

Coinbase on the other hand recently closed the support case without having any solutions. Multiple back and forth emails with them never understanding the problem.

CB is out, Uphold you’re in!

Thanks for your suggestions on, fiat to crypto in the US.

P.S. I’ll gladly take some of those coinme ATMs on the east coast…



I have emailed asking them to consider listing electroneum. It would be amazing if you could do the same! Cheers!


Yeah same here…maybe evena bit spread out so it doesnt look like someone encouraged us to do so


Im reading the report about crypto-asset of the European Securities and Market and market authority (ESMA) and they catalog us as:

“payment-type crypto-assets (cases 3, 4 and 6.), have no tangible value, except for the expectation they may serve as a means of exchange or payment to pay for goods or services that are external to the ecosystem in which they are built. Also, many have hybrid features or may evolve over time.”

I think the ELECTRONEUM project has to guide where the market will be regularized (without taking into account the Brexit) and they say:

The survey highlighted that most NCAs assessed that crypto-asset case 1, 2, 4 and 6 could be deemed as transferable securities and/or other types of financial instruments as defined under MiFID II. This effectively suggests that a number of crypto-assets, provided they meet the relevant conditions, may qualify as transferable securities and/or other types of financial instruments. These crypto-assets should therefore comply with the existing EU financial regulation (whose application depends on the qualification as financial instrument under MiFID II), which in turn raises the issue of the potential gaps and issues that may exist in the current rules when it comes to supervising those instruments.

I attached the link


I am about to do the same. We all should! :slight_smile:


This Tweet is from November but I’d say still perfectly valid to share ETN on for getting on Bakkt.


Thanks for your info about this. I’m in the US and I have the same problem of Visa and CB.


Use the link to get Electroneum added to bakkt


On it!!


Done via this link


:joy: stop it, you are killing me brother 20_HEARTS



Well, I completed the testing of this Crytrex exchange. Sent 10€ via PayPal, fee was around 80 cents, not sure if its theirs or PayPal’s conversion. Bought 1300 ETN, but to withdraw it I had to buy at least 100 CRYT tokens, which costed like 80 Euro cents. I took 1200 ETN to my wallet, the fee was like 0.2 ETN… It just arrived into my wallet after a couple of hours. I finally found an easy way to purchase, shame the exchange is still a low volume. There’s maybe around 15k of ETN available, as far as I can see.


Just send Bakkt an email. Hopefully our community do what it does best and we get there :slight_smile:


I just shared this on another thread but Fidelity I think is another huge possibility as well for ETN to get listed with.

Fidelity is one of the five largest financial services providers in the world, maintaining some $7.2 trillion in client assets.


imagine someone…

hm…what is this ETN? hm…let me try to invest few millions into this…

…and us watching the price afterwards…



I was completely unaware of Fidelity jumping in…



Yep! I remember on the interview with AAT that Richard said they’d had institutional investors approach them already too but Rich told them they have to buy through exchanges like everyone else.

Companies like Bakkt & Fidelity I really think will eventually take notice of Electroneum. This coin has so much more potential than many realize in the long term.


Yep, that’s also huge news just as big as Bakkt I think. The asset value they manage is ridiculous, sooo much money.


Although I did sent an email to Bakkt as well, I would be very surprised if they even considered ETN atm. I think volume is just wayyyy too low for an exchange like that to consider such a coin.

BUT I’m sure once we gain traction that will change :point_up: