Fight The ETN Dump Club Round 3!


Blady well said mate!

Let’s see an end to this negativity on ‘current’ price and just look at the bigger picture please as quite frankly, it’s getting boring


Too bleedin right guvner .
Punter or shunter…?
We of the never never all know…
The “Great Mooning” is only just around the corner.
The best way to tell the future is to create it


I Forgot to add…Just in case anyone has forgotten…:joy::joy::sunglasses:

  • Attending MWC19 with two new big announcements.
  • Launch full Instant Payment.
  • Launch Gig Economy website.
  • Apple iOS app goes into BETA.
  • Cloud Mining for iOS release.
  • Cloud Mining for Android release.
  • Enhanced user registration process.
  • Launch vendor directory


@purkiss80 I’ve seen you pump the crowd on Facebook and you’re bringing it here too. Great work! We need more like you in our ETN squirrel army :rocket::sunglasses::+1:
Out of hearts so here’s to you :blue_heart::chipmunk::orange_heart::chipmunk::blue_heart::chipmunk:


Thanks very much…:+1: What can i say… ETN is in my blood…:joy::joy::star_struck::sunglasses:


Sounds safer than cold storage or a paper wallet…
So fill us in on the secret.?


Yep you’re a squirrel by nature :joy::orange_heart::chipmunk:


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: By the sounds of things …A Lot of people have got ETN in their blood here…:star_struck::star_struck::ok_hand::ok_hand:


Chris Gorman just tweeted this out. Let’s come together and suggest ETN to
get listed on Bakkt!


I Saw that and have been trying to see where we can input…but can’t find anything…


This was in the article, looks like we need to send in emails.

We’ll consider additional contracts as the landscape evolves and as we receive additional customer feedback about what they want and need.”

Bakkt says inquiries can be sent to On Tuesday, Bakkt announced it is delaying its plans to launch its first Bitcoin futures contract, noting that the “volume of interest” and work required to get everything up and running requires more time.

It would be nice though if they just added a page on the website for crypto suggestions we’d like to see added.


Here’s a couple great new videos from our wonderful members.


Thanks @J5Alive
Ive sent Bakkt a listing proposal via email.
Thats six exchanges for me for the day.

Goodnight all from 11pm in Australia.
I saw a lot of positive input from a lot of people today.
Some great ideas from some equally brilliant minds.
Good work everyone, however you did it.
Thanks for adding value to my investment.
It wont show up immediately but it all counts for
The future.
Onwards and upwards.


You’re most welcome @Pahini, I’ll shoot them an email later on too about taking on
Electroneum. With enough demand it could definitely get enough traction since they’re
going to want a high volume of request for it to be considered.


My last post about popularity by alexa:


Where 5 or more ETN has been found and by which Nation… :sunglasses::+1:


I kept it reasonably simple.
I didnt want to inundated them with data.
Just outlined the basics.
I stated that there would be a strong response from our community for a listing.
Goodnight and thankyou all.


Night bud @Pahini


That’s the best way to do it well done! I was going to do the same. Pretty much just
a list of key bullet points they’d want to be able to read quickly to see the benefits of
adding it to their service followed up with a few links they can visit to get any further
information they may need that’ll hopefully make them want to reach out to Richard
and Chris.


Night @Pahini and same to you! Thanks for all your hard work on spreading the word, ETN squirrel master-