Fight The ETN Dump Club Round 3!


Give the Coinme machine at the Tacoma mall a rest I was pumping it today. I got a wall up on Cryptopia to catch ETN on the next dip Fomo cured for tonight need to get more tomorrow. Good luck with the treasure hunt in Mom’s furniture. @Puddles


Finger on the trigger @Tanwax …woot woot …this is
Who Wants to be a Millionaire?


Guys it is true that once you complete kyc lvl 2 the app redirectes you to lvl 3? Lol
I ve complete only lvl 1 since i dont use etn wallets or app.
There are some people around getting mad.
How can i explain them that without regulations we cant have big parteners. :persevere: what a mess


Take a look in one of the KYC topics.
Im level 1 my KYC is elsewhere.
Sorry these issues just dont affect my position.


Morning camp.

Is FUD an abbreviation for something?

Fake Useless Dialogue? :grin:


Good morning from Slovenia, Europe. :grin: Happy Friday to all.
Maybe today some awesome news??
Just filled my bags at yesterdays dip. :chipmunk::chipmunk::chipmunk::chipmunk::chipmunk:


iOS update was pretty amazing :heart_eyes: but yes, we always welcome more news :nerd_face::purple_heart::chipmunk:


People causing FUD, are causing Fear Uncertainty and Doubt.

Usually takes the form of cherry picked information used out of context or outright lies to influence buying habits.


FUD = Fear Uncertainty and Doubt



Cheers @BegaMutex

Just had a thought. It’s great to see this online community grow but what might also be good is to see how many visitors are viewing as well as active posters. I’ve been on several forums before and quite a few mention how many are users are viewing. Would be interesting to see how many silent lurkers there are :eyes: and another metric to view the growth here.


I’ll look into it…


You’ll be able to buy extra minutes and hash rate with in app purchase! :slight_smile:


Morning! Is it a buying day?
I think so, what else do to while it snow sideways.


Fear uncertainty & doubt :+1:


Tell them to think LOGICALLY !, and not EMOTIONALLY !!!..:+1::+1:


@ ETNBOT Question:


Everyday is a good buying day at the moment :nerd_face: snow @JonneHex? Sounds lovely. Middle of summer here, I can’t even imagine :sunny::snowflake:


Beautiful sunny day here in Melbourne. Look what I spotted in the sky :heart_eyes:
I think something BIG is coming-


This is for the people Who are Complaining about the price of our ETN… Here are a few numbers that can hopefully put things into perspective…( These are just 9 of the top 20 coins )
This is over 1 Year…

Jan, 14 ,2018 - Jan, 6, 2019

BTC $14,086.59 … BTC $3840.61… -$10,249.08
ETH $1369.62 … ETH $153.48 … -$1,216.14
LTC $252.55 … LTC $35.67… -$216.88
BCH $2651.05 … BCH $160.24 … -$2,490.81
DASH $1072.58 … DASH $80.39 … -$992.19
NEO $139.15 … NEO $7.79 … -$131.36
ADA $0.81 … ADA $0.06 … -$0.75
NEM $1.43 … NEM $0.06… -$1.37

ETN $0.17 … ETN $0.007… -$0.163

Electroneum is Just under the ico price…!
I Don’t think we have done too badly considering the Bear market we have been in for over a year now,AND we still have Many many great things to come…!!:star_struck::star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:
DONT fall into a Negative frame of mind just because of the price…:roll_eyes::upside_down_face:…Price is irrelevant at the moment !
Dont forget ALL the things that are lined up for the project,And when all the pieces start falling into place,we will start seeing the fruits of our labour…!:smile::smile:
PATIENCE and Not WHINING is what is needed right now !!
ETN is the future…:sunglasses::sunglasses: