Fight The ETN Dump Club Round 3!


Morning Puddles, they were early with the news this week :nerd_face::joy:


Morning puddle,? Aint you from europe?:smile:


NAH… USA Bra.My Pity Party goes from Coast to Coast. Currently at my Mum’s searching couch cushions for fiat


Finally off work now it’s time for my second job Electroneum :wink: great to see the conversation hours ago I would love to see more collaboration for the community there are many very talented members here :zap: off to the exchanges to do what I can I love me some cheap Etn :wave::zap::facepunch:


It was a busy day today on this forum. If you’ve had time to catch up and have any input for the infomercial just pop over and leave your comments or ideas.


Welcome off the pyramide! And behodl into possible freedom.:blush:


Good Morning from Australia.
Great news all around I see.
Electroneum kicking more goals every day.
Team :heart: Community
Everyone is going to be an
“Early Investor”
So happy to have this opportunity to accumulate.
Well said @B.F.A @BegaMutex @MSystem. et al.


Morning Squirrl Fleet Commander.!
I will soon turn to the pillow.
Alot to read here, and disquss. Meanwhile its cheap sale Btc/etn


Morning Pahini :sparkling_heart::chipmunk::sparkling_heart::chipmunk::sparkling_heart::chipmunk:
Great news day! :nerd_face::rocket:


I just got caught up :+1: I tried to keep up during work haha didn’t happen but it was a great read it’s to bad I missed out on the conversating but great imput in this forum! Keep it up everyone :zap: some awesome conversations happening !


Only been on 20 minutes .
Full inbox.Out of :heart: already.
Just caught up on the reading.
Commented on Sean Davis at You Tube
Now to Twitter
I :heart: this project.
I :heart: this Community
Might not bother going back to work.
Three days of holidays left.
Three days of giving it 100%


Here’s a pic of the cloud miner that @xterest uploaded to twitter. I think the design looks much cleaner than the mobile miner. Looking forward to beta testing it next week!


I cought the dip just right today, just before it went sideways.
A spur of the moment decision, seen the dip and decided to jump in. Buying BTC on Coinbase, sending to Kucoin and buying ETN in less than an hour.


Nice catch. Just hope it moves upwards again😎


I want one :slight_smile: can’t wait! As soon as this is released I will be spreading the word to family, friends and my youtube channel. This is the product we have been waiting for folks no down time like the mobile miner just refresh time. :wink:


We should be on this decentralized exchange. It uses a number of exchanges that we are already on so this would be a quick one to get us added to and would offer more competitive rates than simpleswap.


“To add a coin, you can reach out to

Someone from the team should contact


Thanks @Aironeous
I have mailed their support team with a listing request and the relevant links .

Im on a slightly differnt "tack " on twitter.
Try and get this out into the F1 /Motor sport community.:chipmunk:


This is only searches of Electroneum Com
Still a marked increase in traffic.
Especially in the UK


I’m in the same boat, can’t wait! :rainbow::sunglasses:


Hay brother no more clowning around and whining about not being able to get ETN instantly instead of waiting for 7-14 days for Coinbase