Fight The ETN Dump Club Round 3!


damn, this is going crazy! :))


And suddenly there are 2 mio coins on kucoin up to 183 for selling …I know ,doesn’t matter for
The future,but shows again the problem I stated today in another post earlier


I belive we have time for cheap ETN till full iOS release or maximum end of Feb…stack up everybody :sunglasses::sunglasses:




So i just got caught up again reading posts from you, our community members. This last month for me was extremely busy and as always I am happy about buying more ETN. In regards to this community I have a few things to say. I log in every day, I can’t stay away for too long or I start going squirrely. I love the depth of the forum postings and by that I mean actual content. When I came to this community I was a fan of crypto in general. Since being here as long as I have I have learned a lot from so many of you. For that you all have my thanks and deepest gratitude. I believe in a great deal of things and have full faith in the ETN team. So our people are eager to see ETN moon and I get that. The ball is rolling and now with all these deals in place think of it as the engine being fired up but the car hasn’t moved down the street yet. It takes time for the team’s hard work to properly reflect on the daily use of the coin, how it is imbedded more deeply into the culture etc etc.

Some people are extremely impatient and are only focused on how many lambo’s they can buy and how fast! Fooey on them for being so short sighted then taking their grievances out on the community when we don’t moon fast enough. As @Pahini and I am sure many others have said we are all on this bus together. Learning is key even if we don’t always agree with the information being given. So my suggestion to all is stay involved, keep posting your awesome articles, comments, ideas and such as all of you have an impact to this community.

I for one enjoy it immensely and that is my happy rant for now. Cheers and have a great day each and everyone of you!!!

  • Much Love


Everyone ready to party?


Thunderwords. As market is now, dont think ios wont do anything to prize. Its bear. New big buyers are needed, small news aint probably going to matter. So just keep calm, and buy when cheap.
This is a long road. Not one bend.


This okay to post on Twitter?


As for me, no problem. As for the guy who posted…dont know…if he posted on FB, everybody can see, so i would guess no problem… :wink:


okay figured I 'd get the word out to my small amount of followers


We now know who to contact to organise the Moon Party :slight_smile:


Ever a pleasure to read your posts, my friend :chipmunk::chipmunk::chipmunk:


Happy Dump Day everyone!


And I’m all out of :heart::heart::heart::heart: I can’t wait 2 hours… so here is some for all I can’t like…



So is this where we fight?
Or are we in for a serious Btc crack. Its exciting. Love being smacked around, woho.
Bring it, cheap btc. :sunglasses::crazy_face:
We now the whales want real tears



Tanwax has FOMO. Here I sit biting my fingernails waiting for the UPS guy to show up with my 15K USD check so I can go cash check and feed the BTC ATM and get my ETN Buy walls up. FOMO Alert.


@Tanwax I’ll PM my address! Always here to help!! :sunglasses::v:


Never seen a BTC ATM.

Does it print out a paper wallet or something?