Fight The ETN Dump Club Round 3!


Another exchange is asking what coin we’d like next. Let’s all let them know about ETN.



Overall @Starsky, I agree with your point. I’m the last person to claim to be a social media expert as this forum has made me the most social online I’ve ever been as of late.

However, this goes back to what others and I have said before. I don’t think they’re unaware of your point, to be so in this day and age would be a terrible business plan. For anyone. I’ve said before that @etnceo is extremely calculated with what he says and how he says it. I’m sure he runs his business the same way. Scaling, aquiring new people, new processes all require the right timing to be sustainable. Remember, a single employee costs a company much more than just wages. I have no doubt increasing SM presence will be a goal in the future, whenever that is.

As an observer, I honestly think their social media presence has improved over time. It used to be that one announcement would be on one site, and different one would be somewhere else, so on and eventually we’d get an email of everything. Again, as an observer it appears to be more concise and focused. I could be wrong.

I’m sure they’ll hear you.

Reaching mass adoption is the whole enchilada, not any one bit or part.




Than you for putting this together @B.F.A I’m willing to help in anyway I can. Us arrows need to stand together. Stand up and fly together. I’m here to offer what I can :zap:


THX i just want us to be on top of CMC and wee can do it… so we need to twist our heads and get a product


No, you don’t measure a project targeting mass adoption by its price. Especially when its still building its product/eco system and hasn’t even begun to reach out… Even more so considering the fact that right now, price is dictated by this tiny speculative market who measure success by factors which are borderline irrelevant to a project targeting mass adoption.

The only ones doing that are those who are looking for a quick win from a long term venture…which quite frankly are not a concern for ETN and who are certainly not going to influence the direction this project takes.

Electroneum has never followed the crowd… they are taking a different route to a different destination.


i regged trough you chef :blush:
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Thank you @B.F.A you increased my belief


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What new thread is this we can visit?




take that FUD!

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New tweet from the team on the Ios

And a cracking little splash vid from @MSystem

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Wow the market is tanking this morning. I’m down almost 20%from yesterday already and it just keeps slipping. Except for DNA… It’s up 65% I know off topic but anyone know what’s going on?


Bitcoin dropped so every other coin has dropped in their dollar value in line with what bitcoin has dropped. Coins who have an increasing satoshi value that is up more than the % of what bitcoins has fallen will be the only ones in the green just now


Woo commerce

Today 21
Yesterday 37
Last 7 Days 66
All Time 517


We are getting some steam…


I’m not sure if this is cause of the update or new downloads but since the update they have can flowing in we shot right past 500 :zap: