Fight The ETN Dump Club Round 3!

Where do I start, sold every alt coin I owned except for ETN before the BTC cash fork, sold all my BTC that was in tether for fiat, and at one point the only crypto I had was ETN. I repurchase BTC when it was close to the bottom around $3500 doubling my over position of BTC. Then have been day trading BTC and playing the wild swings we have had over the past few weeks to almost double my BTC position again. All while take some of my BTC profits and buy $hit load more ETN. I currently am holding BTC and ETN only and have never slept better! Lol


Oh well good time (given this significant event) to turn in for the night. Happy buying and conversation!!! Epic BTC trading M-kid!!!


Also special thanks to all the community members who keep up the good fight while I was away. I felt the love from many of you and it nice to be back!


Oh the BOSS is back here…:blush:
I did buy good amount of etn during last month…
welcome abroad to the giant ship M-KId.


I have been asked by so many people what my thoughts about ETN are now that we have crashed back in price and what the whales are doing. I will try to make this brief, I have not sold 1 ETN in fact have 225% more ETN then I did before I got banned. Second we have 90% of our whales still holding and buying more ETN. After the crash of BTC we did loose about 10% of whales mainly some of my friends and family who could not handle the 50-60% loss in value of ETN and they wanted out. We were able to purchase their coins over the counter without any of them ever hitting the exchanges. The delay of KYC along with BTC price crash has been a hit that has knocked ETN down to mat for sure. Delays in a bear market will have a horrible effect on our price and we have all witnessed it. Personally I do not expect KYC to be completeled for at least 6-12 months given the massive complexity involved. I would strongly advise people to look long term as I do not expect anything to be completed this year. I do feel IOS app will be a game changer for our price but if the app is waiting for KYC then we maybe 6-12 months before we see it. On the flip side it does allow for the collection of more cheap Ass ETN everyday which does make me feel warm and fuzzy!




Welcome back @M-Kid I hope you’re doing well man.


Good to have you back, this place has been a lot less interesting without you.


Thanks and happy to be back!


welcome back :+1:

btw, my iOS app says there is a new version 2.6.5 out now (but it has not downloaded yet)


I posted this in the other thread, but since you’re back @M-Kid and this thread will be very lively i’ll drop this post to do what this thread is meant to, fight the dump!

I got a good post to share about Mobilstreams as well I think most seemed to have looked over. They singed an agreement back in 2017 that gives them a massive reach. They could have a much bigger impact on ETN than most realize. This is also a response the to post @PrestoCrypto did in the other thread. Just sharing some more great information on Mobilestreams.

Take a look at this everyone.

Key point to show here is a potential reach going upwards of 850 million! That is in addition to the 100 million mentioned right above it totaling a potential reach of 950 million which is massive. Of course no idea how many out of that would end up using ETN, but the possibilities are staggering.

Here’s a link directly to the news on the Mobilestreams website.

Just noticed that link is on the Mobilestreams site links to another site announcing the deal, if you want to see the post on Mobilestreams itself go to their site.

Then scroll to the bottom left to see this deal for yourselves.


Welcome Back Bro. We missed ya.


If this is all connected to ETN, it could be the biggest deal in crypto for the 2019 imo?


We do have some truly exciting things to look forward to in 2019! Once we get our 1st mobile partner up and running it will be the start of massive snowball effect like the crypto world has never seen before!


Welcome back kiddo!


Since Mobiletreams will have that additional reach it could affect ETN absolutely, if both partners discuss pushing ETN to all those customers, just imagine what that could do? You wouldn’t even need a huge % to have a significant impact on ETN since the customer base is so massive.


My ears are dancing :smiley:


Heh, I posted that info in the first round. Probably a lot of people missed it as fast as things move around here.

Exciting stuff.


Well guys I am back and I will be posting daily! I have to get the RV ready for quick weekend trip with the family to Clearwater beach Florida. I will talk to you later on today! Have good one!


Honestly I don’t recall if I saw the post then or not too long ago, I may well have. But it’s good you posted that too, because it really is just a ridiculous amount of possible customer reach. It probably got lost in the sea of post back then since the community was so new that fresh post were like machine gun fire.

But, seeing the Mobilestreams post this morning it reminded me of seeing that so I went to look for the link again to it since I wanted to make sure that was seen. I see all the deals mentioned but that particular info never got the attention it should have.