Fight The ETN Dump Club Round 3!


5G coming to Kansas City…Nice! That’s my hometown!


I haven’t used true PayPal for years, for various reasons. (Before the split from eBay)

Is it possible to convert your USD in there to EUR? If so you can then use Crytrex as it has to be in Euros there.

Do they still do PayPal debit cards? Worth checking out, could work with coinbase or uphold.

There’s always cashing out with fees…


Sprint and nokia , 1st quarter 2019…
nokia new phone mwc

Etn announcement , doing a first again

New team ex nokia …



Imagine if Electroneum were to be a preloaded app on a new phone released at mwc :thinking: that would be something very big :thinking:



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Everyone here is invited to The First Annual Electroneum Gala!


Dammit im not going to sleep now…

Hope we havent just blew it for the team lol…

If the posts disappear… we got it right hahahah

Sorry etn were just excited


:joy: To much time to speculate before mwc and the 2 secret projects :zap: I simply cannot wait to hear what it is :thinking:


Hahaha its going to be

Hi im Richard ells from electroneum

Kyc is done
And heres cloud mining for everyone

Thankyou everyone for listening


Ill cry lol

Very very excited for mwc


Richard mentioned maybe sending an email today with updates. Looks like he may have ran out of time today (almost 10 pm in the UK)? Wonder if we will get one tomorrow for good news Friday!?


They are burning the candle at both ends. Wouldnt be surprised if it goes out at 2AM. Lol


That seems to be the norm now usa timed releases .

Not that im bothered … some friday fomo coming i can feel it…

@PrestoCrypto has my brain going 90 to the dozen hahahaa


Of course we still need to stay level headed it could be anything and I would not have high expectations of what it is. We are still early on our journey so practicality is necessary. Hopefully it is not just that :see_no_evil:. But than when/if it is big I’ll have a bigger grin.


I’m just catching up on current events and thinking big :thinking:


Nah it going to be massive , i can feel it…

I reckon the price is going to jump big style. Not like moon but 10p or more then slowly rise as the users come in

And keep going . The team are marketing experts , they have us excited if we can pass this excitement on as well as the team . Nothing will stop us


I saw that :thinking: i can hardly wait to hear what he is talking about :thinking:


I think it is going to be big too I’m just trying not to tell :joy:




Wasn’t the iOS video with @etnceo during UK business hours? Let’s see… UTC + 5… Carry the 1… Something like that lol


Hahaha yeah when i saw what @J5Alive posted the new team members that was me on the ceiling…

@Dr_Jan_Itor i have no idea these utc , pmt , abc and wtf time zones are confusing lol

Oh and i still say its going to be a giant mobile phone with touch screen showing etn cloud miner running at the mwc


I can’t wait to hear more I’m sure they have a lot going on in the background :zap: