Fight The ETN Dump Club Round 3!


Yes, i second that. Every hour of mining is approx 0.18 ETN!


IOS users in the ETN community right now…



I’m an android user but just got the email!

Not got an apple phone just an iPad. Obviously not been engineered for them yet but here I am anyway mining in the clouds! :sunglasses:


Are you still android mining too or did you turn that off first??


You are only allowed to mine with a mobile device. Please see section 20 of our T&Cs.


Keep your crypto safe


REKT. 20 cumulonimbus


That’s a shame as don’t have an iPhone.


Hopefully Android cloud mining out soon


Stop it! All of you iOS ers are driving me FOMO!!!


Quick - buy while it’s still cheap :stuck_out_tongue:


Cant you call with your pad? Then its also a phone, :blush::smile:


I’ve just used yours - i never fancied using one of the you-tuber’s as i imagined they had loads already!!


Great, never done it before so really appreciate it, I’m happy to do the same in return obviously.


I’ve not got anyone to scan my referral code either before when i was mining on Android


Cheers mate all done :+1:t4:


yay, I have 1 referral!!


And I’m still waiting :rofl::crazy_face::rofl::crazy_face::rofl::chipmunk::chipmunk::chipmunk:


I’m kinda surprised about restricting this to mobile. Im hoping the future is that we can access the mining from any device, even via a web browser. Does the new cloud mining somehow rely on you using a phone to verify your account?


I would assume it is to do with an IMEI number being required. Please feel free to correct me if someone knows any different.