Fight The ETN Dump Club Round 3!


You can send straight to exchange from paper wallet. No need from extra steps to first send to online wallet and then to exchange


Also look at the priority you set when sending via cli wallet. You most probably sent using normal priority if you want it to go faster, up the sending priority. At this stage it will only cost you a fraction more. Instead of 0.27 etn an faster priority will cost you about 1.5 etn fees. Not 100%. But read your cli wallet help

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I had a thought last night about the big surprise in store at MWC… Does anyone think that it could be the announcement that the electroneum app will be pre installed in new mobile phones…? Now that would be orsum!


I think we covered that speculation in the samsung topic.
It was definitely a yes …or a no!


I had this thought with apple :apple: maybe they are building a blockchain phone and will be preinstalled!

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Just started a new topic about the best way to explain electroneum to a newbie. Feel free to add your thoughts



Well its pumkin hour here in Australia.
So Id like to post this in recognition of the hard work that goes on behind the scenes with our dedicated team.
It cant be easy by any standards.

Goodnight one and all


Good morning from the USA!!!


Tell Spectrum/Time Warner cable that. This is when they shut internet down and do maintenance 4-7 am on Sunday morning. I’m tethering to my phone in order to reply to this.


I am hoping, no praying the partnerships announced at MWC are either Samsung, Virgin, Telefonica or Vodafone. Or all 4! :laughing:

Defo think pre-installation of the app with some ETN already there would be magic

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Nice @chris.gorman


I would not recommended this unless you are using CLI (which i know your not) if the exchange says they never received the ETN there is nobody that can help you. If it gets sent to the ETN Web Wallet first then to the exchange… if the exchange says it never arrived at least Electroneum support can assist you because it went via them. @Starscream


The Cli is a bit advanced. But once you acquainted with it, it is easy. But yes @ColinSTE if a person is not 100% sure jow to use the cli commands then better route is going to online wallet and importing your offline wallet and then sending to exchange


I’ve been considering this for a while too. If you think about it, this generation of games and gamers have been developed/ conditioned into using multiple currencies already. How many games have one currency in game you earn, and another “token” you can buy with Fiat or Xbox credits. Some of the “freemium” mobile games have at least 3 currencies already.

Heck, digital currencies for games are being promoted on cereal boxes now, as this pic of my breakfast of champions shows.


And not to be outdone, Cheerios is in on it too. To be fair, they’re both general Mills brands.


Maybe steam is one of the big secret projects? I agree it would be huge!!


Wont speculate that high, i think we must start smaller to catch the bigger. I refuse to pick from the Messi/Ronaldo shelf :blush:.
It dont need to be World champion big to be big.
Remember no crypto has done this, so a couple medium known can be massive too


Steam can chose ETN if we tell them to chose ETN :slight_smile: nothing is to big or small… it is ETN


You only pave up for disappointment. Like, aaah, i won in Lotto, 10mill, im not happy, there has been prizes of 50mill.

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