Fight The ETN Dump Club Round 3!

I thought that migration had already happened.

I’ll admit, I was aware of the server migration but didn’t do my research into what the full implications were. Also missed that AAT video, will give it a listen over lunch. Was the server integration the new infrastructure or was it preparing the way for it?

This is another example of what kind of team we have. @ETNCEO and @chris.gorman know how to run a successful business. They see the market’s opportunities and are positioning ETN accordingly. And at the right time might I add. Going to a much larger infrastructure Q1 2018 would not have made as much sense as it does now. An old business mentor once said to me, “Sure, we all want to scale up all the time and as fast as possible, but it HAS to be at the RIGHT TIME or it will fail.” Didn’t quite appreciate the sentiment back then like I do now.


We don’t normally see us as one of the few coins in the red , but we are today . Thoughts ?

Yup, buy more lol


Yes, Etn is ready to handle users in the hundred million class. Thats like preparing for a Stadium size party, and yet, there is only some people onside with the Hotdog wagon in the corner that has entered…

  • they aim Massive high, i wonder how they can be so confident. I guess thats we dont know all. In users, Btc will be a piss coin in compare, if this materialize, btc aint got 20mill, because most have a series of accounts. Actually this year Etn can be the most held coin, or account users, Well. 180satoshi? Give me a laugh…

I think the move to Amazon Aurora was just the first part and they’re doing another fork relatively soon if I recall to also help accommodate the larger numbers. I don’t fully recall all of it off the top of my head, it’s in the interview with Mick, but i haven’t seen that part for quite a while.

Here is the part where this is all discussed for you @Dr_Jan_Itor, I had to go find it.


In all seriousness, it’s still very much a long term game. A margin of 5% in the red right this second doesn’t mean much in the grand scheme of things. We have to look at the totality of the project and team and see what direction it’s headed in the future. I’m no TA expert, but little dips and bumps at this point don’t concern me and neither should it anyone else.

I read somewhere, that back in 2013 or so it was nothing for BTC to swing 50% in either direction multiple times a day. FWIW ETH, XRP, BCH, and DASH are all in the red right now too.


Got some tether waiting for a Btc spot, but… hmm. Wanted to be lucky on both cheap btc and Etn sat, maybe just thoss it in

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Begamutex posted the other day that the MM should be fine for 5-10 years as difficulty adjusts with price.


ETN is the most profit coin today also on the cryptonight, and easyest to sell, for the miners.
Karbo and Sumo a little less.


Here you can find if it’s easy to attack the network

Some whale playing with swing trades and ASIC dumps… most likely.


I’m in for the long haul , steadily buying since ICO , it was something you don’t often see, we are normally green with bitcoin :+1:


To me it looks like btc is going to do a 4200 test soon, hard to say, i actually like the chart.
Lets see what whale tale does


I was thinking a possible $50million $30million from 20 million possible miners and $20million from vendors would be a lot of coins at 0.005p so what is behind the scenes then this is big news dropping in my opinion!

Per month!!

It’s $80 million and $60 million possible sorry :neutral_face:

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Hopefully we are decoupling!


Must have ETN top up and other aggressive development quickly. Just with mining option it can’t be that huge. Like Verge and other many Crypto there are wallets available. Only part is how we can provide edge in services. Lets see but I am seeing a huge huge competition coming on the way.

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Thanks, @J5Alive. Wow, I think that answered multiple questions I’ve been seeing on here. Didn’t even know about the partial cold storage for the mobile wallets.

Once again, @ETNCEO is very calculated with his words. I had a school teacher who would say, “whenever a public figure is speaking, doesn’t matter if it’s a politician, clergyman, journalist, etc, always ask what they’re not saying.” I’m liking what he has said by not saying in this video.


A friend of mine suggested that they had top up cards in 7ellens and another saying just sell top ups with QR codes in vendor stores across the globe :earth_africa: we will start to see how busy they have been! Richard couldn’t even finish a YouTube video the once cause it was I’m a little busy sorry guys I have a meeting to go to scheduled a 7. Very polite and workaholic!


Firstly you’re most welcome @Dr_Jan_Itor my pleasure. He really dives into some great details in that video, also make sure to check out the other parts which you can find on AAT’s channel. That was just part 5, but it’s honestly super exciting. Richard is a very forward thinker, that video alone is showing a man who’s thinking many years into the future and preparing well ahead of time for everything. I think the cold storage was great news too and it’s going to add a nice layer of security for the coins.

Absolutely, there is a lot going on we’re all not even aware of yet. As I always say exciting times are coming, I really can’t wait to see what comes even by the end of 2019.

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