Fight The ETN Dump Club Round 3!


Will get right on that. Hopefully in a years time we can all be chilling like John Dough. With ETN hats of course though.


starting to see etn block reward under 9k.



go Electroneum, smashing the vote !


What does that mean?


All invited to vote, share, retweet, like all you can basicaly to help ETN be more visible and afcourse to win this vote :))


Less and less etn is mined every day


I’m still playing here and there. Highest score is 187


Some ‘interesting posts’ I missed :rofl:. Good morning from the UK, what’s new today then?


not much new, but you can leave a vote :slight_smile:


Hey mates vote please :+1::clap: (not sure but that poll stinks as always - jump from 60/40 to 54/46 in less than 10 minutes…)


yes, this smells like bots…but dont worry, we will win anyway!


Two polls going on, make sure you do both of them, at clear poll scroll down until you get the the real John dough final poll


I’m off out with the kids shortly, when I get back I’ll set up a Twitter account and do this. What is Twitter anyway? :thinking::thinking::thinking:


Probably more a question for the UK people on here, do any of you hold your ETN in a limited company or have you transferred any into a limited company you’ve since set up?


That’s an odd question, I’m not sure I understand. Do you mean hold it as an asset within your limited company?


Personally I would keep ETN out of anything official, likely just going to get complicated in regards to taxing and valuing the asset.


@wTz1 Yes, I meant having a limited company holding the assets for me (with me as a director of that company).

@JC88 - I was wondering the opposite. UK tax laws state that any income earned personally has to have tax paid on it at the correct rate (10%, 20%, 40% etc…). I was wondering whether having the assets in a limited company would mean they could appreciate in value and rather than me having to pay 40% tax before I could spent the remainder, my business could start acquiring assets such as Buy To Let properties or such.

Thoughts guys??


I think expert advice is needed in that mate. I’m guessing here…if you transfer your ETN to a limited company then (and I am guessing remember,) the ETN will be taxed as income (depending on how tax levels work for businesses (I have no clue,).)So they’re gonna tax you anyway.


Yeah, it was a long shot to see if anyone had looked into it before i started down that path.

I was just trying to minimise tax liability as any sane person would :stuck_out_tongue: