Fight The ETN Dump Club Round 3!


Nice sunny Sunday over here in Adelaide, South Australia.

Just chilling. I hope you’re doing the same and well.


I’m just here because I believe in Electroneum and I don’t want others to be taken advantage of.


Go and do your Twitter vote! :+1:



There are many threads on this forum have you looked around?



Going well… Everyone is giving it their best shot.
Many comments rolling in .
Even support for the other team.
Crypto is a great space to be in!!


I wonder what numbers will we see after 3days :slight_smile:


Yeah well. Different. 63-37 now…we shall see.
Europe is waking up!


Sorry you’re feeling fudfish here complain on this thread !


Will get right on that. Hopefully in a years time we can all be chilling like John Dough. With ETN hats of course though.


starting to see etn block reward under 9k.



go Electroneum, smashing the vote !


What does that mean?


All invited to vote, share, retweet, like all you can basicaly to help ETN be more visible and afcourse to win this vote :))


Less and less etn is mined every day


I’m still playing here and there. Highest score is 187


Some ‘interesting posts’ I missed :rofl:. Good morning from the UK, what’s new today then?


not much new, but you can leave a vote :slight_smile: