Fight The ETN Dump Club Round 3!


Soft spot for Bittrex, first exchange I ever used, was recommended to me as a good one.

Would love to see ETN on it.


The best thing of this idea could be the KYC so it becomes a real identifier, and be linked to the wallet, if wanted.


Active mobile miners just jumped another 2k is it another wave of new users only or some trial with partner? After all the waves of bot killing updates I’d be surprised to see a return of that…


Mmmh nice… That’s what i was talking about many days ago to let etn become viral. I was thinking to spam on italian groups pages about etn. Next days, when i get some free hours to spend, that’s what i’m going to do


End of the month is best case scenario. :slight_smile:


Wanted to ask, are you binky from project binky?
If so then please come over and join the car talk.



The great thing with Bittrex too is the extra pairings it brings.
Serious trade volumes going onthere now with the last project they listed…half that of Binance But Impressive
over a 24 hour period.


If Bittrex is smart, they see some stats…
And upcoming… it talks for itself.


I will be ecstatic if bittrex lists Electroneum, it would be a win win and great timing! Let’s hope we caught their attention :+1:


First video of the summary of the week of 2019. For the Brazilian public


I think this is a complete list of exchanges that Electroneum is traded on at this moment in time.

Coinbene brasil <— inactive?
OEX <— inactive?
Palitanx <— inactive?
Artis turba
NEXT exchange

Coming soon

Marketing ARMY (Twitter, Youtube, Facebook etc.)

That’s a nice list, @Aironeous! Well done. That just about deserves its’ own thread if there isn’t one already somewhere on these boards


Well look at that you seemed to do something no coin watch site could do. :+1: nice work on getting this list together much appreciated.


There is created by msystem and another person but I wanted to put it here because this thread gets used the most more than any other thread and if you want to fight the dump internationally you need a full list of exchanges to buy ETN on.


I just saw the oodlebit announcement on twitter!


Im so happy, not only to be in this community, but because they’re full of awesome people like you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: no homo


LOL that’s a 9gag reply


Hi, dont know if i get this right but to win finals we dont vote but RETWEET and #electroneum

One more thing, this guy had live video and he was so surprised when he found out ETN has 2.7mio users :joy:

Hope i am right.

Lets crush them!!!

Marketing ARMY (Twitter, Youtube, Facebook etc.)

Im on it now.
Isaw it come up was trying to find the link!

#5892 is missing