Fight The ETN Dump Club Round 3!


The @M-Kid adventure wagon has to be there. :slight_smile:


OMG YES!!! (squirrel army 20 charachters)

PS. @M-Kid :sparkling_heart: thinking of you M!! We Miss you. Caught you on a replay of Dino’s livestream. Good to See you :eyes: around.


Out of love…


You can edit without edit, yes I heard the Paul shout out on the live stream. :slight_smile:


iOS update :heart_eyes: super exciting. Nice to see it all right on schedule. Hello moon, I’ll be coming to visit in the next few months!


I want to talk cars, to keep it topical.

I made a thread @BegaMutex @JonneHex

What you got ? Come on over and comment. :slight_smile:

@M-Kid can you still reply in other threads?

Come on over if so… :slight_smile:


ETN delivering on time! Feel super nice!!!


Sent my KYC stuff to that Crytrex exchange. I hope they’ll accept it soon so I can test it.


Wow you can feel the excitement building up around here! :purple_heart::zap::nerd_face::rocket::new_moon_with_face:


Thanks for incredible support pahini I really like what you and @M-Kid and other members do here.
And thanks for recruiting the Twitter army :wink:
We need in every country at least 1 soldier. :slight_smile:


Sure can. The fuel is being added to the rocket as we speak.
Take off is imminent :rocket::rocket::rocket:


@Zero7 :purple_heart::sparkling_heart::green_heart: and :chipmunk::chipmunk::chipmunk: exciting times


Let me know how you get on, I chickened out of sending anything to it in case it didn’t work with the GBP>Euro exchange. Are you going to try paypal on it?

I only did the KYC to level 2, not sure what the limit is on that.


It works. You want Bittrex? HELP US,!
Dent listed on bittrex… Yes or No?

I do apologise but it is Electroneum related.


If you haven’t commented/liked/shared on Twitter for Electroneum to be added in bittrex exchange go and do it now !! :facepunch::+1::zap:
*also if you have time go through and like comments other Electroneum community members made :+1:
Comment/like/share on both Electroneums comment and bittrex post ! This is a top exchange and a great opportunity ! :+1::zap:

A big thank you to everyone supporting ! :zap::zap::zap:


Soft spot for Bittrex, first exchange I ever used, was recommended to me as a good one.

Would love to see ETN on it.


The best thing of this idea could be the KYC so it becomes a real identifier, and be linked to the wallet, if wanted.


Active mobile miners just jumped another 2k is it another wave of new users only or some trial with partner? After all the waves of bot killing updates I’d be surprised to see a return of that…


Mmmh nice… That’s what i was talking about many days ago to let etn become viral. I was thinking to spam on italian groups pages about etn. Next days, when i get some free hours to spend, that’s what i’m going to do


End of the month is best case scenario. :slight_smile: