Fight The ETN Dump Club Round 3!


on coinbase you can select non supported coins at “discover more assets”


So can you correct it? I have no twitter experience :slight_smile:


Checked mine, I’m from the UK. Still not on here. Maybe dependant on areas. I have wrote to them via the Support function telling them we should be added!


Expect another market dip. We might see cheaper ETN soon. :confused:


Awesome news, the longer the Bear market continues the stronger we become. Also I love that the Brand Awareness is so high! That is one thing that can ruin a company/coin. But having this so high shows we are really well valued and respected in the crypto-sphere. Can you imagine once we get real publicity into the market. :fire::fire::fire:


Have you all seen this?


You beat me to it! Haha


old news. someone is trying to short the market to cover their positions.


Not old. It has been delayed again.


Happy New Year to all :slight_smile: to an exciting new year 2019! :tada::tada::tada:


Happy 2019 to all my friends and not. Here is still 19:24 and we have some hrs 'till 2019.
Best whishes family!!!


In all fairness to both of you.
They keep on delaying it.
You are both right.!


It’s noon here new years Eve but happy New Year everyone ! :wave: stay safe and enjoy the start of 2019 :+1: 2019 will be known as the year to remember imo so let’s go make history :zap:


Excellent. I purchased my last ETN of the year. I guess I will have to wait till next year for my next purchase… :+1:


It doesn’t show in the 41 listed for me. Maybe it’s a US thing.



Great video @MSystem , very well done as always. Made my anticipation for what’s coming jump that much more lol. I can just feel that we’ve got an amazing year coming for ETN. :grin::rocket:



Thats sealed for Me…I want to go.
Thats an awesome clip thanks @Msystem


Wow, that trailer is amazing!! ETN will steal the show at the MWC!!