Fight The ETN Dump Club Round 3!


I like that theory a lot!!


Show us your new avatar @Chefbaker !!


@Pahini just for you my friend


Just round at mothers waiting for the moon…


the hash war that resulted from the bch fork is responsible for the market being down. i don’t think its a planned thing, bitmain kinda caused their own problems…


Great work @Peter_DIR :+1::zap::zap::zap:


My understanding is that real bitcoin will be purchased on behalf of the client, not paper bitcoin. This is what is expected to drive the price.


Yoti still making moves :+1:


Nice to see that btc price is going up and etn too


It’s like a double edged sword because now I can’t collect as much today :flushed: haha


Yes i know, but is still cheap, because btc will close 2018 at 4500/4800.


The market looks good today. Start of a bull run or just some more bull $h!t? :joy:


Bulltish. Still not a run. Must wait 2 half of 2019


some more bull$h!t I would say :smiley:


I would be okay with that I’m very happy collecting at these prices. I’m kinda upset though because it has not fallen enough for my big buy orders to be filled. I’m getting very impatient :see_no_evil:


I think that 2019 could be a nice year, but from 2020 will start a big run heading to 2025, the year where Fiat will disappear


@M-Kid is soon our network knight that holds his steady hand on the wheel. :wink::grin::sunglasses:
Damn man. Scoop those blocks


Anyone tried the mm? How many etns u get for 24/h?


About 3,8/4 (20 squirrels)


I said I’d wait for the weekend pump to run out of steam before buying, looks like I’ll have to wait a bit longer.