Fight The ETN Dump Club Round 3!


Hello the puddles.
The future is bright.
For Everyone in the Electroneum community.
Espescially for me.
Ill be doing the bulk of my buying in the next two weeks.
Lots of work to be done here.
Im to busy to be worried about the future of one of the best established forum groups in the world.


Me tomorrow watching the whole forum turn into a frenzy of negativity based on a few sat decrease on price. :joy:


I can do a tarot spread for you if you want when I get home if you require a more fungible answer…


Must be a great time to buy.
No posts for an hour says it all!


I think i will buy today. Lot is shitty mining Eth, 1golden Eth has entered the building this week. Woho!:smile: lets rock


Hi community 5300 users here and we create awesome team if we work together. But we can grow much faster if everybody join for promoting - this forum, our mobile miner, suggest more vendors to accept our ETN instant payment - every artist, dog shelter, eshop, reality seller, pizza seler, etc
I create this for atract more peole to be more active here - have a look:


Nice, I havent even looked at prices yet .
Got fiat ready…pounce time awaits!
Only just home from the pyramid.
The Pharoah worked me hard today!


I’ll have one done @Pahini never had a tarot read…
Would be very interesting


If we have in this forum some ethical hacker he can make some money 1000$ ++ it is easy just follow this link:


Yes - I am too. Makes for a very easy and streamlined purchase. Can move fiat to CoinSpot instantly and then buy when you like the price.


You looked into cointree lately?


No. Don’t know anything about it.


It’s interesting that 4k has already been paid out.


Seems like a 2-3 day cycles.
Don’t have time to swing trade.



It will be nice to see some trade volume kick in there.
So far its at about 50k ETN/Bitcoin and about the same for Etherum.
Fiat pair will be the bomb too.!
More good Achievements
More free advertising and exposure in a target market!


It’s all to a great cause.


It’s so nice to see a project grow from the beginning. We are now positioning ourselves in the crypto market with all the stock exchanges and when the first partnerships are announced, nobody will be able to hold us on the ground! :sunglasses:


ETN is like a box of chocolate you never know what you are going to get, but in the end they are all delicious. Its crazy, we are all going to be the pioneers of a world movement!!!


Hahahaha just :heart: it.
Electroneum will move the world alright…
In so many diverse and wonderful ways