Fight The ETN Dump Club Round 3!



Missing M_kid fight dump



I am glad you are and Happy Days. Lets Rock this thing





Welcome back @M-Kid lovely to see you again.
We have all missed you so much.





I was out hunting to day and guess wath? i got a few one in costety



I speak best through meme’s now! Lol! Happy to be back but I really never left. I have been following everything but just not able to respond or join in. What a wild last month it has been!


Anything I talk about is my own personal journey and is not financial advice. You should not follow what I do without doing your own research as you may loose all your money when investing in crypto. Just putting this disclaimer out there as I do not want to be banned till 3018 like Jokker was! Lol :joy:


Is this for real. Can it be true?! Round 3! Welcome back M-kid!!! It feels like its been months!!! Seen your posts on many Youtube videos!!!


Welcome back M-Kid! You have been sorely missed! :heart_eyes::tada::tada::rocket:


I am back and hopefully can make it a few days before getting banned again! Lol


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Yes lol haha. Well a lot of us have still been buying up and locking away ETN!!! More to go before target is reached!!! Let the Fight Club be strong and true!!!


Welcome back Whale!:wink:


Its gonna get wild in this topic now :smiley: :see_no_evil:


Whatever you do @M-Kid DONT GET BANNED AGAIN.
It’s not been the same here without you.
We need you here with us. :grinning::grinning::grinning: