Fight The ETN Dump Club Round 2!


Liquid offers Stop and Trailing Stop


After that pretty easy run up to 230 tho


The seller on Cryptopia with the 5 BTC keeps moving their sell wall orders lower and lower. It was at 221 sats, and now they have moved it down to 218 sats.


Where is @M-Kid when you need him. :stuck_out_tongue:


We need some top exchanges, and this non-sense will mostly stop. Once we start the launch, a 5 BTC sell wall will be a small snack for the new investors flooding into ETN.


Not sure if this has been shared already, but apparently ETN is finally live on HitBTC:


Today (16th of November) it’s exactly one year since Fugazi made his 35$ price prediction video.

We in ETN Arena celebrate this by giving all players a bonus of +35 damage to their next attack roll!

So what are you waiting for? Come earn real ETN while cooperating with other ETN RPG-gamers


The wallets are live, but not the trading just yet. Soon and very soon.


Youd think they will be pretty keen …theyve been waiting as long as we have. (The punters that is)


What’s up guys? Work’s kept me away. Powering through the doldrums?


We should be good today. The top 10 coins are mostly green while the markets goes up.
We face the same dumpers everyday, whatsoever.
With hitbtc + a small partnership news later today we should be okaish up to 300 sats.


Still waiting my € to hit Liquid :grin:


This Fork is bull sh… gives Crypto a bad name. that is why I am all in on ETN now.


The system is calling me professor but i don’t have the badge


Yeah fully powering maate.
I got the day off cause the Australian economy is shorting itself


I think that the emergence of the iOS in this chaos environment would be a plus for electroneum. Because the aim of the Electroneum project, which is mining over mobile phone, is a true and accepted crypto payment system, the acceptance of the full monastery is provided. Maybe it’ll have an adverse effect.


We are live on HitBTC! Yeii


Just for deposits and withdrawals I think - not for trading yet


The BCH uniforms have begun to process.


And already going UP in price. 223 sats.:grinning: