Fight The ETN Dump Club Round 2!


Go and reply and we got attention and he got more than 100k followers so it is good, write something good about ETN things i haven’t sayed



Meh likey your way speaky a lot.!


I’ve been reading the kyc issue rooms and it seems like they’re figuring out a way to get areas able to complete it now! Great to see progress!


I was reading a lot in other threads to, it needs a clean up because it is getting way to messy!!


Read the third to last and the last post it seems they’re making big head way with a way to deal with it


i mean ? ? ?? ? ? ??? ? ? ? ?? ? ? ? ?



If I’m interpreting correctly this could mean that those not able to get verified can do it threw Electroneum account. Which imo would be great!


Searched for your comment twice and can’t find it? Has it been removed you think?


no i can find it when i go back …yes i did. I got another picture and name -Børge Anderson on youtube


That is a game changer, hope ETN got the resources to approve 50K a day then :slight_smile:



How do I have to wait 8 hours for more likes! I was looking :eyes: on threads and found that was posted within the past 24 hours so they’ve been hard at work!


I don’t understand?



I’ll be back in 8 hours!


BTC will drop to 5000 in 4-10 hours so many that got BTC will have a bad day, no they will have a bad bad day !


Or at least twenty squirrels long




Yes now below $5,800 real risk going to $4.5k. Wait and see. I am on Bitfinex and its holding at $5,700