Fight The ETN Dump Club Round 2!

@Winky are you sure that i will be able to transfer more that 10000 euro ?

Sorry my bad, i meant 10k$ KYC level 2, but however since you’re lvl 3 it won’t matter for you. :slight_smile:

Typo, I meant 10k$ KYC lvl 2 my bad.

but why does it state 10k$ per 3month period on lvl 3?

I’m not sure, that picture is quite misleading IMO.

However what I have been told is KYC 1 -> 150 / 3 months.

KYC 2 -> 10k / 3 months

And KYC 3 -> unlimited.

This is how I understood it and what i’ve been seen people saying.

But honestly, right now im starting to doubt myself and my knowledge. The picture is so misleading…

Wait a bit and i’m sure that someone can jump in and correct us…

sorry lol I got so confused now

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Never mind i find the info you seek!

What levels of KYC do I need to do?

Everyone must complete level 1 of KYC. This enables you to use up to 150€ of ETN within a 3 month period.

Level 2 is required if you wish to use over 150€ in a 3 month period (but up to a maximum of 10,000€).

Level 3 is for those using above 10,000€ (unlimited €) worth of ETN within a 3 month period.

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wow amazing, so basically you were right i am safe with level 3 if i want to transfer.
thanks @Winky

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I dont have a problem with it and neither should you.

I reckon november 8th-11th will be the time to put in some big buy orders :smiley:

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I just did a T/A on the twenty four hour chart .
Looks like a bullish ascending fud triangle…
With a cherry on top!


On FACEBOOK Electroneum, a countdown to the KYC is being made every day. So what’s the change in my 12th November? What kind of process is waiting for us? What will change in our lives?

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I don’t think, maybe the last days for nice buy are halloween days. 11 november probably starts the new run and it’s late

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Probably in 3-4 years you can top up your phone for free and use etn on ecommerce sites for the really first time. Here it is what is going to chance… Who can say…

You will have more money than you have ever dreamt.

Hope still not… Hope the price goes down until my next payday

Yes, this is a reason… :joy::joy::joy::joy:

But not so important…

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It used to include the words “Send over” before those amounts on the website, they don’t seem to understand the fundamental difference in meaning that this implies or wish to do anything about it, despite the fact it must be creating a lot more unnecessary questions and support tickets for them to deal with.

No @Jokke i’m sure etn is a good product to buy, but honestly if instead etn was another kind of product, may be looking the price going down should have caused in me some FUD, forcing me to sell part of that stuff. And yes, i’m a niubbo

I got hungry so i created this


Regulation is coming to cryptos and that is good for us.