Fight The ETN Dump Club Round 2!


The first rule of Fight The ETN Dump Club is: You do not talk about Fight The ETN Dump Club . The second rule of Fight The ETN Dump Club is: You do not talk about Fight The ETN Dump Club . Third rule of Fight The ETN Dump Club : Some Asic Miner yells “Dump!”, Price of ETN goes limp, Weak Hands taps out, the dump is over. Fourth rule : Only bring BTC to a fight . The winner is the one who successfully ended the dump with a certified pump of ETN of at least 5 sats! Any Questions? The fight is on boys M-Kid is going Mike Tyson on this all these dumpers!


Hahhaahha I was just about to make one


That was interesting.

So yeah, no way I subscribe to some nobodies that mislead us twice about a Richard interview.


Well guys we did it, we hit 10,000 post on Fight the ETN Dump Club! Time to carry on here! :slight_smile:


Figured 10k posts would unlock a secret Richard Ells video


The first time It took just under a month. Maybe this thread in 3 weeks?


This one will only make it two weeks before it hits 10,000…


That was pretty amazing to see it hit 10,000 posts! Way to go everyone that contributed!


Hhh lol part 2​:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Unless it happens that there is no dump to fight any more! :sunglasses:


So many years until last coin will be dropped… @Jokke i’m grey… :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Proud to closed the first chapter :sunglasses:


It will be nice to have silence because ETN is so boring as it just keeps rising in price day after day, after day! lol


When ETN will grow, what the f**k we talk about?


that was fast!! reached 10k already :hugs:


Well guys continue on with Part 2 and we are sure looking a lot better, I think we will continue to regain some ground in the next 24 hours and we will just keep doing what we can to keep us stable and hope for good news sooner than later. Catch you guys in about 10 hours need to get some sleep. :slight_smile: :sleeping:


We move on the other topic “Party For Electroneumners By 2025”.


10,000 views and now on to Round 2 of the ETN Fight club - onwards and upwards!!! Congrats to M-Kid and everyone!!!


I’m going too. My little baby wants me… Oooh sweet child o’ mine :baby:


@M-Kid you should have made it rnd 2…