Fiat To Crypto Possibilities For Electroneum


I just tried to buy by clicking box but nothing happens



Are you clicking on the picture or the buy now button? For you, you would select bank transfer (cheapest method) and click the buy now button?

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I click buy £50 wallet reload box but nothing happens.



Electroneum are not allowed to make fiat to etn conversion in the app, as they are unregulated, and do not have a banking license. Otherwise they probably would have done it. That’s not to say it might be possible at some time in the future.



Adding it to the list @JonneHex :+1:



Just throwing a healthy dose of speculation and positivity out there as I think we need it at the moment and I’m surprised no one has picked up on this…

I believe Richard and team have nailed the in-app purchase conundrum and I think it’s in development right now. It could even be ready for roll out on the next big news announcement whenever that may be.

Here’s my reasoning…

Richard clearly vets Tylers questions in advance and is likely to have a copy of the questions on the table, just like he has done with Mick in the past.

You can see Richard look down before he gets to the in-app purchase question - He knows it’s coming.
He looks up, composes himself, then looks down at it again. What could he be thinking?

Keep a straight face, Richard
“Don’t confirm or deny”
“Don’t let the cat out the bag again”
"Say it’s something we’d love to do later down the road, throw in the ‘FCA’ and ‘Lawyers’. make it sound like it’s years away "

When Tyler says, “I don’t even know if you guys can do it” Richard just can’t handle the excitement of knowing in-app purchasing is in the bag and let’s out a little smile, followed by a facial expression with raised eyebrows which I read as saying “Yes we can, and Yes we have…but I’m not allowed to say it”

Richard realising he just broke his poker face looks up at the main monitor to check his composure.

Pay close attention to Richard’s facial expression from 10.11- 10.15.

Richard, slightly unsure how to best answer this question, sits up and readjusts his seating position
(another unconscious tell)
“We get asked this a lot and it’s not a simple answer but i’ll answer it as simply as I can”
“The answer is…” proceeds to deflect the actual question by talking about the third party OTC desk.

“…by integrating it into the app we may fall under the FCA for remittance and something else”

Surely Richard wouldn’t say 'may’ if he knew and I don’t believe he doesn’t know.
More importantly, what is the “something else” that wasn’t mentioned?

Personally, I believe that in-app purchasing will be available in developed countries, but not available in their target areas so they can can make full use of agent distribution networks.

This was an early easter egg, folks.

Tell noun
(especially in poker) an unconscious action that is thought to betray an attempted deception.



Doubt it. Just getting licensed in all 50 states in the USA alone is a time consuming expensive process.

Maybe via a link to a 3rd party.

You cannot do cross border fiat transactions without the proper licensing and regulation compliance.

Remittance businesses don’t just decide they are going to send fiat money transfers all over the world and then open up shop and start sending cross border transfers anywhere they please.

It’s a highly regulted business.



Third party all the way. Richard did state that this ‘could’ be an option in the future. Let’s not run too wild with speculation. Spreading awareness and getting the Gig Guru site up and running will kickstart everything. I would imagine it is no small task. I wonder how many people they have on the ground? Also, did you take a look at Electroneum Uganda, they’ve taken the ball and are running with it, no ETN team needed! Fair play to 'em. Respect!



I don’t know, just seems like it would be pure silliness to take on something yourself that a 3rd party that is already operating in that capacity could do better.

Plus why jump into the arms of fiat regulators when you aren’t a fiat currency.

If crypto regs someday require the same licensing for payment services/platforms like ETN, then sure do what you have to do to operate your business.

I know Singapore has some lcensing and regs coming into effect that ETN will probably have to adhere to to operate there, so maybe someday it makes sense. Today isn’t the day to enter the fiat world in the APP IMO. Unless of course you want to receive some cease and desist orders.



All good points mentioned and I think the third party OTC desk is a great interim solution for credit and debit payments.

Long term, users will want to load up on ETN with one click and an optimised user experience is key. Users may be deterred if they have to leave the app in order to pay freelancers on Gig.Guru. The team have already learnt this with their less than easy sign up process which they are now streamlining to under 60 seconds.

With regards to the US, It would seem logical tackle one state at a time starting with those with highest levels or remittance and highest number of users of Fiverr, UpWork etc. However, the following paragraph might make this point redundant.

Revolut, a UK based Fin-tech were able to attain their European banking license enabling fiat-crypto in-app purchases, and it appears crypto can be purchased directly with USD too.
Once you’ve topped up your app, it can be fluidly moved between all their 26 international accounts so a user could effectually load up with USD, transfer it to GBP and then buy crypto.

I wouldn’t be surprise if Electroneum were making inroads.

Have a look at the video on this page:

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Using Revolut would seem like a great idea and they are UK based. I mean there are fiat options already one can use cryptomate (Over £100 GBP) , Liquid uses a credit card third party and I am sure there are others… . But like it has been said a one click in the app is the way forward.

Can this be done via the Google/Apple pay store as in-app buy?.. The same way games have one click buys…



I honestly have no idea but like Richard and community members have said, the legalities and regulations country to country and state to state must be an absolute headache for their legal team.
I won’t pretend to understand what needs to be done to achieve it and how quickly it can be done, I only know that Revolut has somehow managed it and they have created a path for ETN to follow.

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Also, I don’t know when in-app purchasing crosses the line with regards to Apple taking a cut. Apple is known to take a non negotiable 30% so I assume this option wouldn’t be on the table. However, if they could leverage Apple’s position to access their users bank account info, then the process could be seamless.

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I understand the fee’s through Apple / Providers would be astronomical one thing is for sure. As time goes on Crypto is going to be easier for people to get hold of and the team know that it needs to be easier. Coinbase would be a great addition one day also :smiley:



As far as I know revolut isn’t available yet in the USA and it seems they’ve been working on that for well over a year.

I may have missed my welcome to sign up it’s available to USA residents now email though.

It’s obviously not a simple process though or they would have been able to offer it in the US early on.

Nailing all 50 states down is obviously not a simple task either, at leat 3 states are quite difficult it would seem…Washington state being one of those.

Just ask Huobi…or about securing all 50 states.

One thing ETN has going for it is the KYC/AML compliance.


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