Fiat To Crypto Possibilities For Electroneum


We should be on here if they support 30+ cryptos
150 fiat currencies.

Goes live q2 2019


i used bitpanda a few years ago, works great, still have a little btc there…


Awesome would you recommend it for somewhere Electroneum should be? I have not personally used but it looks like it would be a great place for us :+1: thanks for contributing to this thread it’s not seeing much action haha


@LordSF95 mentioned this one in another thread :+1:

I don’t believe they have fiat conversion but they do have usdt and are a top exchange




Thats A LIST @PrestoCrypto hahah good job. We need that fiat to crypto in the app . Thats the game changer

Easier simpler etc etc …


Thank you sir, I’m trying to find all the possibilities as I can collected together as I feel the same way as you :+1:

If you have any fiat platforms that would be good for Electroneum to be added on, please add :+1:

The simplicity of getting Electroneum into the 99%s hands is crucial imo and fiat to Electroneum platforms would help create that ease.

Electroneum having fiat gateways to Electroneum within their platform would truly be the game changer imo.



Bitpanda as I listed above is taking a Twitter vote on crypto currencies to add so go vote and share if you haven’t! :+1::zap:


I used bitpanda a few years ago to buy BTC, still have a small balance there. They are fully KYC.
This could be a nice addition to etn… :slight_smile:

#92 @Pahini found this one :+1:


Being in that neck of the wpds with those pairings it might be worth pursuing for a listing.
Iam unaware of the fees involved.


I message every possibly under this thread :+1: I’ve got a pretty good list going at the top of thread now if others want to join :+1::zap:

#95 mentioned by @Dngruss


Not sure if this is just for possibilities, but just a reminder that we offer fiat to etn over at free etn central through paypal worldwide and faster payments within the UK and offer very competitive pricing compared to INDACOIN and COINMATE. We’'ve sold quite a bit of ETN this week alone. We’re also integrated with Yoti for full kyc and aml and the best bit, 50% of all top up sales go to the free draws that aim to put Electroneum in the hands of those on the ground in the initial regions.

Anyway thought it may be worth a mention!


This is for possibilities but feel free to share your link :+1:


Ok, Sorry about that! I was just thinking along the lines of if there’s a list I wouldn’t mind being on it haha!

Hope to see many fiat to crypto and especially from within the app, controlled by Electroneum would be I think the best place to have fiat to etn.


Hi is your website down as when I click to buy coins nothing happens.


No we’re up right now. I just sold to Aironeous about an hour ago. Let me go have a look and see if I can work out what’s going on. Sorry about that.