Fiat To Crypto Possibilities For Electroneum


We should be on here if they support 30+ cryptos
150 fiat currencies.

Goes live q2 2019


i used bitpanda a few years ago, works great, still have a little btc there…


Awesome would you recommend it for somewhere Electroneum should be? I have not personally used but it looks like it would be a great place for us :+1: thanks for contributing to this thread it’s not seeing much action haha


@LordSF95 mentioned this one in another thread :+1:

I don’t believe they have fiat conversion but they do have usdt and are a top exchange




Thats A LIST @PrestoCrypto hahah good job. We need that fiat to crypto in the app . Thats the game changer

Easier simpler etc etc …


Thank you sir, I’m trying to find all the possibilities as I can collected together as I feel the same way as you :+1:

If you have any fiat platforms that would be good for Electroneum to be added on, please add :+1:

The simplicity of getting Electroneum into the 99%s hands is crucial imo and fiat to Electroneum platforms would help create that ease.

Electroneum having fiat gateways to Electroneum within their platform would truly be the game changer imo.