Fiat To Crypto Possibilities For Electroneum


Weird that link doesn’t want to work for me


I remember this thank you :+1: I think that would be another great option :+1:


Yea, I had the same problem, for whatever reason it does not convert well in formatting. I used the “add hyperlink” in the reply window instead. Weird.


Actually I have a verified Uphold account but haven’t used it yet. From from all I’ve seen that’d be another fantastic platform to get listed on. I’ve been reading very positive reviews about them too.


You’re welcome and I agree, I mean the owner would need to tweak it since we’re not on Coinbase ( Yet! :grin: ) but I think it’s doable and I think actually I might try to contact the owner and mention ETN to him directly if I can find his contact and have him reach out to the team. Actually any one of us can do that, the more demand the better.


This would be the ultimate imo bakkt

We should all drop them an email and comment :+1::zap:

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Good timing to mention this, actually they posted a direct Tweet for recommending coins too we can post on.


This would be huge for Electroneum :zap: imo


I absolutely agree and being compliant with international regulations and doing the KYC/AML easily makes them a prime candidate for them to list. Also, I think Fidelity is a big possibility and their insanely huge as far as asset management goes.

Fidelity is one of the five largest financial services providers in the world, maintaining some $7.2 trillion in client assets.


Emailed them earlier this afternoon. Hopefully we’ll create some awareness if nothing else.


Fidelity would be huge also :+1: I can’t believe I made this list and forgot bakkt and fidelity :sweat_smile: original link now updated :+1:


Obviously coinbase would be nice I use coinbase personally :zap:






Great to see us on


Your knowledge and efforts are impressive. Glad your on our team.


Thank you I really appreciate it just trying to do me deed !