Fiat To Crypto Possibilities For Electroneum


There are definitely priorities over this with current projects they are working on. I just wanted to get them together in one place :+1: I agree some of these may contact Electroneum first. Either way I more so wanted to get this list together so I can personally reach out to these platforms about Electroneum. I also want to bring importance to fiat to Electroneum platforms even if it is not at the front of the list(doesn’t need to be right now). I completely agree there are many current protects they need to complete first. But when they are ready to pursue I’ll have this list ready :zap:


If anyone has any fiat to crypto platforms they use please let me know so I can add them :+1:


I already pointed out bitpanda some months ago.

It’s a very good exchange!


I was checking them out again yesterday I agree I think they would be a great place for Electroneum! :+1:


There are many of these I’m just going to keep adding :+1:


Revolt, vivuspay (MyCryptoBank), uphold, metal wallet.
I can find more if you are maintaining a list.


Yes I am maintaining a list ( original post ) thank you for the help! :zap: I have revolt and uphold I will add thee others. I also couldn’t get the link for uphold so I added their Twitter currently, so if anyone has a good link for uphold I will update that as well :+1:


Another one

Should we have our community ask them to add ETN?


Here is another one

They support a lot of coins so it seems (to me) we could have a good chance of getting supported.

Trying to find a place to ask for ETN to get added but the only thing I can find is maybe ask them on twitter at:

The fiat gateway is coming soon for this app.


I think both would be great gateways :zap:


I think this one might be the answer to the electroneum team’s recent statement about finding a way for US citizens to buy Electroneum directly with fiat so they can use it at the upcoming gig guru website they will create.

This is a US based decentralized exchange startup with full KYC/AML in beta.

A very well written article about why the bear market is good for crypto

An early look/review of the app


Awesome work man :+1: looks to be a great upcoming option for the U.S.


Here is another one and they use 2 decentralized exchanges changelly and shapeshift


This is one I suggested a while back although currently it works in conjunction with Coinbase perhaps the owner could get the app to also work directly with ETN. It was also featured on the tv show Shark Tank and got investor Kevin O’Leary so it’s very well backed now financially and could get massive.


Interested… So it rounds up Coinbase transactions?

Kinda like what some of the banks do here. i.e. Way2Save, Keep the Change, etc. Neither of which appear to earn interest. Even if they did, the rate would be terrible in the traditional banks.


Indeed, far as it explains yes. My thinking was perhaps there’s a way to work with ETN more directly but I’m not sure if he could at least right off. Since he runs it all through Coinbase obviously since they’re regulated and such they handle that side of things while he can focus on his system.

I think though they could be open to going through the licensing process and whatever else they need to do to comply with the laws of the land to take fiat directly for cryptos. Kevin I suspect long term would want to do that and he certainly has the connections and money to make it happen.


He’s a good one to have on your side:


As long as you don’t hear:



Absolutely and lol definitely don’t want to hear that. Yeah he’s pretty savage actually but good experience and can easily get a business massive exposure. He saw the potential for the app right off too, so that tells me he’s following crypto pretty closely.


I’ll throw Uphold into the ring here as well. UK based company, mostly no issues dealing with them here in the US. (They fixed the one issue I have had.) Your account has multiple “cards” that can hold different fiat currencies, crypto, and even precious metals (haven’t used that part yet.) 3.99% fee to load fiat, but it can then be converted into what ever they have, sometimes without fees. Transfers between uphold members have no fees! And they’re supposed to be adding a feature to earn interest on your hodlings.

I’ve been using this one since the brave browser and BATs came out as it is their “official” exchange. Would make turning fiat into ETN in the US much easier.

(Not mine, just an example)



I had uphold on my list already but I didn’t gave a good link so I will update this thank you! :+1::zap: I agree uphold would be a great option for Electroneum.