Fiat To Crypto Possibilities For Electroneum


It is very impressive. It would offer Electroneum a lot to partner with such projects. All of the projects differ a bit, some are instant some have higher fees. This is part of the reason I suggest Electroneum do it themselves. But regardless there would be benefits of partnering with projects like these and I agree they are impressive.


But isn’t this solved by their remittance model and the vendor directory they will have tied to the app that will locate the nearest businesses to you that accept/use Electroneum? Also there will be many more exchanges and they can just put a little paypal or credit card symbol next to the exchange’s name on the app.
Vendor directory no doubt will have remittance locations in it and some of them will have websites.


I agree with you partially. While it does help with it being more easily accessible I am more talking about directly getting Electroneum. The way I see it is the more accessible the better. If Electroneum could cut out the middle man of the exchanges and people could buy Electroneum directly from the app instead of having to register on an exchange and send coins, I view it as a preferred method. I agree what you’re saying is a solution and will definitely help. I’m thinking into the future when large numbers of users who are new to crypto look into Electroneum , do you think they would rather purchase from Electroneum or have to learn exchanges put in buy orders to get their Electroneum Than send it to Electroneum to use it? Imo there is a potential loss of customers we may see for simply not offering Electroneum on Electroneum. Imo there will be some who will pass just because of those few extra steps. I completely agree with you. But when I think of mass adoption and humanity there are to many steps to transfer fiat to Electroneum and get into app to use without losing some people. Imo I don’t think exchanges are the answer. While they will greatly help with reach and usability. Fiat is still king.


I’m extremely excited for remittance model and vendor directory btw !


Using the same logic that learning how to buy electroneum on exchanges might deter people; if it could be bought within the app, people might also be deterred from learning how to sell it on exchanges.

This could have a positive outcome on price as a large percentage of users would become accidental holders and if they’re not selling their ETN, they’re more likely to be spending it, creating velocity.


I agree it would deter people having to use exchanges. I competently agree having the option to buy Electroneum within the Electroneum app would keep a lot of the coins in Electroneum ecosystem and keep a majority of the coins off the exchanges.


This site also has a ton of information :arrow_up:



Some good links there, Presto. The more on-ramps the better.
The Wirex app looks like it would be really user-friendly.


I agree the more the merrier and more accessible :zap:


@SteveElliott just posted this in another thread regarding ETN on Wirex. Looks very promising.


I noticed a few tweets with Electroneum/ wirex being posted!


Wirex would be a great start :+1: we will have to see!


Another fiat conversion platform


This one has multiple cryptos maybe it would be more likely getting on here?


Keep these coming @PrestoCrypto. You’re doing great work!

Hopefully the team will see these and will consider contacting them if it ties in with their strategy.


I don’t see any reason we wouldn’t want to be on these. I think it would be a great benefit and cut out the middle man exchange for many and take away that learning curve for many. We shouldn’t have to rely on bitcoin to be our means of obtaining Electroneum and have the price correlate so strongly to bitcoin. The more fiat options the better in my opinion.

#38 there are many out there I will keep updating original post :+1:



Neither do I, I just meant that might have other priorities at the moment. I’m sure they’d love to be available on every possible fiat to crypto platform. I presume they’ll reach out to strategic ones first, then once they gain traction from all the MVNO announcements and increased user numbers, these companies will be reaching out to them.