Few Idea to Improve ETN Mobile App


It would be really awesome if we could add the following options on the ETN App @ETNCEO

  1. Support - In the even to any complaints or questions especially for newbies, it would be really cool, if they could contact the support team directly from the app. It can also be liked to the forum, however, an option would be cool

  2. News - As of now, ETN can be accessed on our website, social channels, other online news channels, and forum. Like how we have news options on the “coinmarketcap” mobile app, it would be really awesome to have a “news” option on ETN app.

  3. Buy Option - integrating with an exchange which has an option to buy ETN directly with fiat currencies.


I have few more:
Tips how to improve the miner - write yours bellow:
Add GAME to the app - we have HODL Rocket or Fight the FUD - i can be donator and give weekly rewards 1st place 1000 coins, 2nd place 500 coins and 3rd place 250 coins - but i want some in game purchaces back as a reward - maybe after some time it can be more profitable and be not in negative number (so i get more coins back…)
Add notification - that miner is not active - app crash often after the last update… (what can help me?)
Add link to this forum Create a chat or something like Skype or Whatsupp - you have our mail and phone number so you can create a nickname - after kyc would be fine because you have real people behind accounts
Add link to vendors icluding details and map
Maybe consider to boost referals system with add new lvl - 2nd line aditional 1% from refering people
Add more Languages and Currencies - 50 of both or more to have wordwide adoption and cover all states with their mother tongue and their currency
Add possibility to turn off the notification - you dont need to see all wallet refresh only incoming payments and payments from mobile miner
Can you continue and add something more?


All good ideas. I think languages aren’t a worry, they’ll be working on that non-stop.


To respond on the suggestions, I agree on these:

  1. Buy option (going to be a problem for iOS)
  2. link to vendors; showing a map where you could spent ETN would be the solution (correct me if I’m wrong, but Richard mentioned this is being build)
  3. A notification system (which is coming)

From my side:
Possibility to share a request. In multiple applications: like WhatsApp, telegram, iMessage etc…


Yeah Richard did mention having a way to find Vendors :slight_smile:


I think that 6 month they didnt add any language - there is no so much text and community multiply offer help with translation - I wish to have there Czech language - we are creator of Trezor wallet and our currency is in the app but language is missing… I know that we have only 10 mil of people but its not so expensive to pay for translation…
And new suggestion:
add text to the payment
And create some favourite list - if i can send to my friends very often i need now scan everytime the wallet,
And maybe create something like have Citicash ALIAS - instead of the long wallet code @Bitinix make maybe something like this


This is the beauty that I realized early on with having the central app its really easy for them to add on these features. Some great suggestions from you all. Sending ETN to friends or phone contacts is something I would really like to see, some of you have mentioned already that comes up alot.