Feedback for AnyTask (dont forget to use form on!)

Great suggestions Q1kf.

Can you fire these, plus any others you have through the feedback form (button on the bottom right corner of That goes straight to the devs to look at.

Welcome to Anytask, congratulations on becoming a seller! :+1:


I completely agree and hope to see these also :+1:


+1 on filling out the “feedback” section on the site. :+1:

I have personally received a response from someone about each suggestion I’ve made.


Ok this is HOMEPAGE related not Anytask but vitally Important.

When trying to change language it will not let me scroll down to some of the options.

Instead it scrolls the screen behind the pop up.

This on mobile phone iOS.


I got my first sale guys. The buyer is satisfied with my delivery but it seems he does not know how to mark the order as completed. I don’t know how difficult it is. I have sent a feedback and have not received any reply.


@Q1kfingers This is what he should be seeing (Time stamped for the right moment, 11:03.):

There should be two buttons underneath order details on the left. Blue one on the left being “I’m satisfied.”

If he is not seeing the buttons on the same page, I would try a different browser or at least turning off an ad blocker to see if that helps. I had no issues while running Brave.

Hope this helps!

Congrats on the sale! :clap: :clap: :clap:


Failing that, go into the task and raise a dispute, the team can then chase the user or perhaps even mark it as complete if necessary.


Thanks I have messaged him again using the guide in @Dr_Jan_Itor video. I’ll wait for his response, if not I’ll go ahead and request dispute. I will update you guys once it’s done


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Here’s my feedback so far on what I think should be improved:

Tasks currently capped at $100, which limits what sellers can offer

Unable to choose thumbnail for uploaded video. Mine shows a random frame that’s not enticing at all.

Unable to crop/position images when you upload them, means you have to guesstimate and crop on your computer to try and get a thumbnail to look nice in frame

Unable to reorder images/video on your task once uploaded. If you want to change the order you have to delete all the images and video and re-upload in the order you want.

Any time you want to make a small change to your advertised task, even if it’s just to add or reorder images or correct a spelling mistake, it goes back into pending again, and you have to wait up to 3 days for it to go back to live.


What do you think this is, youtube? :rofl: I’m kidding, that is a good point. All good points. :+1:

I created my first task last night, and I woke up to an email this morning saying it was accepted. Haven’t tried to make a change yet, good to know.

One thing I noticed is that you can’t yet add a page break to the “description” or “what you get” sections. For my task, I have to add notes and disclaimers so it ends up looking like one giant mess of a paragraph.

I went ahead and filled out a feedback form on it. Request # 1134. Looks like they’re getting plenty of it.



My first order received have not been marked as completed by the buyer even after telling me he did. Maybe the buyer forgot (sometimes they do, from my experience on F*v**r). In that case, buyers are given 3 days to approve delivered order or request revision or else order is marked complete automatically. In my case on our platform, I had to use the dispute form. Up till now no response. I hope they get to fix this fast, that way sellers don’t have to worry about not getting paid.

Please give buyers 3 days to approve delivery or reject it, if not order should be automatically approved.

Meanwhile, if you have not listed your services yet, please do. I have been getting lots of messages and orders. Anytask is bomb!! The beauty of it is, once order is marked as completed, the funds go straight to your ETN account in FULL. That’s the finest joy you can give a seller. No waiting time.


Awesome man, thanks for sharing this. Glad your getting good orders. :+1:


Chatfunction suggestions

  1. The chat function needs to function more like Whatsapp where users can reply to specific messages.

  2. A notepad function where users can save notes for collaboration would als be great.

  3. The ability to add people to the conversation.

  4. A function to search the conversation.

I see what you’re saying on this now, I added a promo video to my task last night. Sure enough, the task disappears until approved again.

I get it. You don’t want people creating a task for photos of cute puppies, then editing it to photos of… well you can imagine. :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face:

Perhaps an algorithm, bot, or something I don’t even know exists can accomplish this in the future. :thinking:

Now, what does bug me about the pending review period of a task edit is when you’ve put a link to your task on your website/ social media and you get this instead:

Not cool. This makes me look like a spammer/ scammer etc. People already unsure about using AnyTask would be turned away by it. (i.e. the majority of my target demographic)

I know error pages can be customized with better phraseology. Perhaps it could link to the previous version of the task, while still unable to purchase, stating “under review, be back shortly” or similar.

Now, this doesn’t effect me as I have almost no traffic to my blog site. But it really could hurt someone in the unbanked regions relying on the service. @ETNCEO @Sabrina @Bee

As usual, I filled out the feedback form on this one as well. (Now up to 1226! More power to you guys, and probably even more :coffee:)


Please what could be the problem? Buyer can’t confirm delivery.
I still have pending dispute unsolved.

Just a reminder. AdBlock plugins make AnyTask not working the way it should.

Addblock ON

Addblock OFF


Update on my update:

Got the email from AnyTask that my changes were approved yesterday morning.

Timeanddate .com tells me that it took:

Not bad for the early days…

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