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Niceone… in which country the logo was made?


If you haven’t already, why not head over to twitter and make a post (tag Electroneum in) to show them off. I’m sure they would love the feedback…as would everyone else :+1:



( @BegaMutex I noticed Any Task links don’t show up as a one box on the forum, can that be corrected?)


I actually don’t have a twitter account yet. I know, i know, behind the times.

Someone is welcome to post it if they’d like. @plankton?


Done :peace_symbol::heart::grin:


Someone has already mentioned something similar but so think further down the line being able to categorise /filter sellers would be great.

Top rated: 4+ stars average
Cost: low to high
Cost: high to low
New to Anytask



This isn’t feedback as such, but I just received an email from Fiverr with a link to the PDF below which I thought was a nice touch. Value added stuff like this makes me appreciate their service. I’m sure AnyTask will be doing similar stuff in time - most likely sharing content from TaskSchool.


Nice find, lots of good info in there. :+1:

All of it would be great to see on TaskSchool. Video could be a more effective medium for the subject matter.


My AnyTask feedback video is finally ready!

It took WAY longer than I was expecting it to. Huge respect for you guys that do these kind of videos on a regular basis. You guys and gals make it look easy. It isn’t, takes dedication.

I didn’t make this video for myself, I made it for the Electroneum team, who has put in so much work building the infrastructure. Well done on AnyTask! :+1:

@Sabrina @ETNCEO @ all the team members whose screen names I do not know…


Great video!!! Thanks for sharing Jan.


Yeah I just watched the whole video, love it. Very crisp explanation of why you were doing what you were doing, nice follow up on the status reports and enabled me to better understand the whole process. Plus the exploding kittens mug is awesome! (popular card game) for those not in the know. Great Video, thanks for taking the time to do it!


Awesome work. A really nice thorough review of the process!


Love it
Looove it love it …

Very very informative ,well laid out . East to read
Shows the steps the entire process . What can I say.

Perfect …

Spot on @Dr_Jan_Itor absolutely spot on.


Appreciate you taking the time of your day to do this for electroneum … :peace_symbol::heart::grin:

I may of posted this in a few places . :yum:


Wow, @Dr_Jan_Itor. You’ve made a hugely impressive video there. An easy-to-follow run through of the entire process, very clear and well explained.

Absolutely loving the logo made for you, too! So impressed. Love it!

Congratulations to all! :champagne: :star:


Thank you so much @sallypinkhair, @Plankton, @Anthony, @thunder, @BegaMutex! :blush: :grin:

Yea, I’m still blown away by the quality of work and options on the logo. Still have to work it in to my channel and blog. But I wanted to get caught up on here first. Great night out with my wife yesterday, phones kept away, came back to so much good feedback.

Again, thank you all.


My “Big cup of NOPE” really came in handy on my last job…

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Haven’t used the service, but I have looked on the site and on the listed tasks and I must say it looks good from a buyers perspective.

I have a question though,
Would / will it be possible to sell items aswell? Carvings, electronics, basically anything physical other then services?
If not to much legal difficulties I think that having the possibility to sell even objects in physical form would be cool and of great benefit even to developed regions to see here?
I believe many of these people that will greatly benefit of Anytask, also posses quite some fantastic skills for different type of woodwork, paintings and what not.

I would like to even see the ability to see bikes, vehicles, shoes, clothing basically anything (legal) to be listed here,

I imagine it could be to great benefit for even people in the developed regions to be able to use this as a compareable site to “blocket” / “ebay” and such, A site MANY people use in my country to sell home items, tables, tv’s, vehicles, bikes, basically a site to sell items you no longer want or need.

If someone could tell me if this is on the board, if it is legally possible for you to make it also compete with these sites such as “blocket”, “tradera”, “ebay” etc etc.

@ETNCEO @BegaMutex @Anthony Not sure who I should tag, and sorry for bothering you. Hopefully someone from somewhere can come in and give some information regarding.

Thank you,
take care.

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I dont know of any plans along those lines Winky… its a digital services platform not Ebay. I don’t think those really work together… it would just confuse people.

One day perhaps, but i suspect as a separate site.

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Thank you for your feedback was a great watch. :smiley:


Hello, I got approved as a seller on few day ago, my profile name is Qikfingers. I will be making some videos to join the competition too, I don’t want to miss out. The site is wonderful! Great job from the dev team at Electroneum.

Here are few feedback/suggestions from experience as a seller:

  • First I noticed some TASKS titles are just too short. Example “Architect”. I suggest it be made compulsory to begin your TASK title with “I will” and also not to allow titles that are too short.

  • On the description section, I noticed my description did not come out the way I arranged it. Not well formatted I mean. Can the devs please add basic formatting tools to the TASK description section for it makes our TASKS easy to read and understand.

  • Also please make provision for creating or including TASK extra, as in “gig extra” on some similar site. It allows the seller to be able to include additional service options with extra fee while creating their TASK, for the buyer to tick if they want it.

  • I think we need a section for sellers to state what they need from the buyer.

I have included all these in the feedback section on the site, just thought I should mention it here also. Overall, I am super excited to be amongst the pioneer seller on ANYTASK.

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