Feedback for AnyTask (dont forget to use form on!)

1. The site speed needs to be improved
I noticed on my smartphone that the site is very slow and I have 4G speed.
This is a big problem for the unbanked since they have at most 3G speeds

2. Images need optimizations
This .svg has a 65 kb size. To be honest this is a max 5 kb svg.

Note: I can’t show the actual svg because the forum wouldn’t allow this format


Love the look and feel of the site!

My only input for now would be a “want section”.
For example : Say I would like 5 minute video of a particular subject such as beekeeping in A specific region like Asia, Africa, and able to more define it too if needed like , in the islands, mountains or plains of said region . Then I could post the specific “want” for a capable seller to find and to fulfill. Payment could be negotiable with the seller


Spent my whole lunch break browsing the site. Looking good.

  1. When… err… Wait, they fixed that one in the 15 minutes between when I saw it and now. Never mind. It was about searching vs. categories.

  2. Under “My Profile,” if I try to update my language to English,

I get:

No big deal, haven’t been able to try on another device or browser yet.

Will be buying a gig later on tonight and will report back with details.


Speaking for S.A most areas have 4G and/or LTE…however there are a few pockets here and there where you get only 3G but these areas are being phased out


Could do with a ‘return to Anytask’ tab on the support page.

Very nice website, good structure and especially comprehensible explanation, what you have to do to buy and get a gig. Really good job the team has done.

If you switch a new category (using mobile device), you dont get the new gigs offered immediately. You have to refresh the page manually. That is the only thing i could determine so far.


I believe there is a feedback button all (bottom right corner).

Fill out the form as clearly and with as much info as possible.


After viewing email marketing, I used the drop downs to look at logos - the content for email marketing remained despite the title headers and introduction changing.

Same thing happened when going from food menu designs to logos via the drop downs.

I’m on ios, iPhone 8.

Edit: it does update after manual refresh.

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Thank you, for your feedback but can we please submit feedback on the AnyTask site.

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The site is good, however this sub-forum has a problem … we can’t create topics to really discuss things.

Try this workaround

Save a wrong language then swap to English then save again worked for me . :+1:

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Might have to be the correct wrong language, no luck still.

“You selected the language of the day! Hooray!”

O well. Looks like i’ll have to go through the official channel.

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Feedback button bottom right on the site.

Self explanatory from there.

Sorry your having problems

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No worries here, it’s still Beta after all. Probably the unique combination of my off brand phone and the Brave browser causing a hiccup.

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Spelling ‘your’ should be ‘you’


Typo: bottom line, middle paragraph.

Says ‘sent’ to the seller - should say ‘send’.

Went on AnyTask from my desktop PC and had no problem setting my language.

Did fill out the “feedback” form about it anyway. :nerd_face:


Nice one . Thanks for letting me know



:+1: Perfect.

If everyone can make sure they use the feedback form it will help catch all the issues and make beta a success.


Alright, my first task purchase experience is complete, and I gotta say I’m blown away. :+1:

Whole process was less than 24 hours (even with the 12 hour time zone difference), got a pile of new logos to pick from, definitely got more than my money’s worth.

My original logo:


The new one from helion:

Modern, minimalist. Just what I wanted.

Video of the process coming soon.

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