False breakout?

Could this pump be as of a result of ETN coins being locked on cryptopia, Thus reducing supply , kind of like a temporary coin burn !

It appears that the price initially bounced off the next support area in the 150s area (about 12 hours ago), after breaking down the double bottom pattern earlier (2-3 days ago at c170sats). Then someone wanted to buy a few million ETN coins 8 hours ago from 160sats.

So the Kucoin exchange and others may would have benefited from cryptopia down but it seems a whale of some kind (size unknown) entered the Kucoin game keeping the momentum alive. More of a demand play than supply issue (as per supply side market depth) IMO. Having the second largest vol exchange down should help the number one volume exchange and price :slight_smile: In any case we all know the price should be higher :wink:


Theoretically possible, but personally I wouldn’t attribute it to much of anything. The ETN price lately seemed to have decoupled from - i.e. was sinking faster than Bitcoin, and this little blip was an overdue correction up again.
As implied by Storm, it’s just the market being the market.


Just remember…
This is NEWS …not development.
People capitalize on News .
The price was spiked just prior to the IOS Beta announcement.
ALL Coincidences & Conspiracy theories aside here.
Just be aware.
Im fully aware that this mighty project is seriously undervalued & oversold.
Just be careful out there.


What does any of this mean?

It’s advanced algebra.

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Yeah lol too funny :slight_smile:

The price spiked due to f2pool being down! Had nothing to do with cryptopia or iOS release or anything else Screenshot_20190119-165446|250x500

hello @CRYPTO-CAVEMAN your screenshot didn’t work… can you try again? im interested…


I can’t post links here, check mining pools stats website and look for Electroneum. F2pool was online again for about an hour now it’s down


Hey @The-Magic-Man wanna post the link?

@3babf70bcfdf24cd84b7 What to the mining pool!?


Alternative Option for CPU/GPU miners

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They are very good!

Watch AllAboutTech talks about them!

Yea sorry I found it right after I asked… sorry…

@3babf70bcfdf24cd84b7 That’s fine glad to help do you mine then?

Waaa, hang on n a minute, you confused me from another thread, I was asking if you had a link to the f2pool stats. Damn, I forget what topic I’m answering in sometimes. :slight_smile: haha

Just script now, but I’m thinking to buy a Baikal just to watch a few coins roll in every day. And get free heat exchanged from solar. :slight_smile:

Get an ant miner A3 I think they are to mine direct at ÂŁ1200 a pop! :sunglasses::+1:

Antminer X3 is what U were thinking of, innosilicon a8+ is top of the range to go for

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