Fail to verify address using Yoti from Malaysia


I have a problem to verify my address using Yoti even I upload my National ID, still fail to verify. Why so difficult to use.


Heey @tegnes if you fill in your address Manually on the Yoti app and don’t verify it then you can still go online to your wallet and scan Yoti and it will automatically send your manually input to the Website and then you completed level 1 already and after that the part at your wallet will change and you can continue with Level 2 fill some things in and upload a document with your address on it to continue if you use something like a bank statement it would be the fastest to do because you could use the same statement when approved for level 3 after completing level 2 i hope this helps you to complete your KYC further :wink:


no option to write address manually for Malaysia other than passport which no address on it and National ID yes we have an address but they can’t process it. That is the problem


Hmm I see did you contact the ETN support: I think they can help you further and can tell you How you can complete it :blush: