Facebook scammers


Hey, not a great topic i know,but something needs to be done to stop the constant scamming on every Electroneum FB post.
As soon as they’re removed, others appear. There’s no doubt some people are still falling for this.

I see no option but to disable commenting on official Electroneum FB posts.
It sucks, but needs sorting

Any thoughts?


People who are really interested shouldn’t be on Twitter and Facebook in the first place, but here.
They can learn a lot on this forum, but instead they fall for the social media crap.


But often people do head to facebook when they want to check something out, Electroneum regularly post there.


Ok, for the moment. But we have to touch the social media with a ten foot pole in the future, as these platforms can’t be properly controlled and can ruin a project in no time. I am quite sure those ETH giveaways are responsible for making the Ether price go down too, at least way more than it should have.
The same thing with exchanges.


If the facebook page isn’t intended as a place for discussion, comments should be disabled IMO.

Or stop posting on FB completely and direct new people straight to here.


Watch this episode and see the dark side of facbook