Face ID for ETN App please!

My 14-year-old son announced that the instant payment demos were cool but that customers shouldn’t have to input their passcode every time they want to do a transaction; they should be able to do it with Face ID (assuming the phone has it).

Richard, are you listening?



Agree with @Squidward_Nakamoto.
Or Touch ID, just like Yoti and others have.

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Yes, good idea. Also, I believe the fingerprint is the best option.


NFC, Face id,fingerprint instead of pin, pay by phone number and others will be tested by etn team and some of them will be implemented.

How can a fingerprint be less secure than something?
Will they chop my fingers to unlock the phone and then make ETN transactions? :smiley:

FaceID has an attention aware feature, if you don’t make eye contact with camera it won’t unlock, you can’t just hold it up to someones face and unlock it.

As for security, there is nothing more secure than a 6+ digit alpha numeric code as you state, but that is as long as you can 100% hide the input, which is hard to do standing in a line in a retail store.
It would also take a lot longer than authenticating payment with a fingerprint or facescan.

And in the off chance that someone pulls a gun on me demanding that I give them my phone, they better fire a deadly first shot, or they’ll end up with a broken windpipe.

To sum it up, I don’t share your concerns, bring on the FaceID

Richard already said in an interview that they are looking into fingerprints.
And faceID is time consuming. Touch ID is the best

Even so, the choice of whether the PIN or Touch ID should be on the user.

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In case you haven’t noticed, Apple has ditched touchID and will from now on only provide faceID.
And how is it more time consuming?

Apple ditching it doesnt make it the best thing ever.
Apple sucks, go android.

It’s not a discussion about what is best, it is a discussion about what Electroneum should provide to their users in form of various authentication methods.

Come on man, this is bonkers! :slight_smile:
How could those prints get verified?
To see which is which?
Indeed, a password is best, but you have to remember it, and if it is too intricate, you may have troubles remembering it as the time passes. And adding it somewhere in a safe is not so good either.

In my eyes the best way is 10 verifications no touchy my ETN then! :yum:

Using the authenticator app is a good way to go as well, as the code changes every 30 seconds I believe.
I am already using it for localbitcoins, localethereum, a lot of exchanges and skrill.

I don’t like google Authenticator it never works on me :expressionless:

That is why it is best to provide a bunch of ways to authenticate, as each user has its own preference.

People have been dealing with plastic cards susceptible of skimming and a lousy 4 digit pin for decades now, I think an app on a fairly secure device with any kind of biometric scan is more than enough secure for most people.

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At least for some time, it is secure enough. Being easier as well for daily use.

It’s just been a year. Give it time and hopefully we will get more options

Exactly why there should really be an isolated “spend” wallet.